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Your 3 favorite aircraft

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by SnoSki, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. C-130 because I never have to be on one again...
    F-4 because they used to buzz the treetops around my house flying out of Ellington AFB in Clear Lake...
    The little rubber band on a stick that we bought at the dime store growing up which launched a plastic "jet." The modern day version of that setup, which launches a "helicopter" up to 80' in the air, is way cool.
  2. 1) Boeing 737 MAX
    2) Paper airplane I made in 2nd grade
    3) Soul Plane
  3. Been laughing for a good minute!
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  4. I believe you mean a "naughty" minute, lol... And the boots and gloves are color-correct, but the tights really ought to've been green.
  5. 1. 747 (always try to get on the British Airways flight to London that leaves DFW around 5/6pm so I can ride the 747)

    2. Concorde (wish I’d had the opportunity)

    3. 777
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  6. B-29 Super Dumbo
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  7. Reminds me of one of my better photoshop moments

  8. If you ever get a chance, come out to the Udvar-Hazy center by Dulles airport. You can walk right up to one. The Enola Gay is there too.
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  9. You are all incorrect

    1. F-16
    2. F-16
    3. F-16

    OK OK
  10. Admit it
    You miss NewFoundLand
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  11. Well, except that its first major engagement was in the attack on Noriega in Panama.
  12. Navy Frog - what say you?

    Go Frogs!
  13. From a pilot’s POV,

    A-10, once you have fired the gun.......from 3 miles slant range, you know why.

    P-51, wish I had the BTDT shirt.

    B-1, burners on a bomber is really cool. I have flown the B52, while it’s history is elite, even the H model is a Pig.


  14. That was about like going to a scoreable range.
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  15. P-47, toughest plane ever made.

    B-17, 2nd toughest plane ever made.

    B-52, listened to those suckers wind up every night for years when I lived near Carswell
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  16. AC-130 gunship (Spooky/Stinger)
    A-10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog)
    AH-64D (Apache)

    Still alive because these fine steel birds and even finer pilots. On the other hand, these pilots sent lots of bad dudes to their final resting place / "paradise," / hell.
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  17. The "UN"ambiguously gay duo?
  18. P-51 Mustang

    Boeing- 747

    F-16 Fighting Falcon.

    All three changed the world!

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