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Your 3 favorite aircraft

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by SnoSki, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Commercial, private, armed forces, helicopters, whatever. Let’s hear em. It’s the off-season. I’ll start.

    1) B1 Bomber... beautiful as can be, supersonic flight, loud engines

    2) F14... Top Gun was the first vhs I remember receiving as a kid. Love that movie still

    3) 747... The star of every plane movie ever made it seems. Somehow I’ve never flown on one.
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    My favorite is now AA Flight 34’s 737 that just got me back to DFW from Newark while 80% of my colleagues are still back at EWR or seeking hotel rooms.

    EDIT: forgot the other two

    2nd would be the A-10 because I got to fly many missions in an AVCAT simulator during my EMBA program at TCU. One of my team members was VP of some special type of software for L3

    3rd would be The Screaming Mimi from the TV show Riptide
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  3. We should do a three favorite “three favorite thread” thread.
  4. For sure. That thread would def be in my top three favorite threads.
  5. the aircraft with more than 1 engine.

    the aircraft that floats the best.

    the aircraft with the least # of crashes per take off.
  6. MiG 3 - I built a plastic model of it a few years back. If I remember I'll post pics in a couple of days.

    MiG 15

    Japanese Zero
  7. Good list. I would substitute the F-117 Stealth Fighter for the B1 as pretty much the world was mesmerized by what it did in the first major engagement of my lifetime which was the first gulf war. Looking forward to the Top Gun sequel supposedly out next year. It will probably be somewhat cheesy but so what.
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  8. Paper

    Spruce Goose

    Anything alien in nature and/or origin
  9. Commie!
  10. 1) LED Zeppelin

    2) DeHavelin Otter

    3) Any plane I'm on that just landed safely
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  12. F-4 phantom
    Millennium Falcon
  13. 747
  14. Jefferson Airplane
    Led Zeppelin
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  15. V22 Osprey (duh...)

    AH-1 SuperCobra
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  16. Only one. SR71 Blackbird. I was working at TGI Fridays one day when the thing swooped down for an emergency landing at Carswell and I honestly thought it was an alien space craft. They fixed the problem and the thing went down the runway and shot straight up out of sight.

  17. Does that Guardians of the Galaxy plane count? Millennium Falcon?

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