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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Zebra Frog, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. With the season fast approaching, I thought I would post a few questions to test rules knowledge. After a couple of days, I will then post the answer. Feel free to post your guesses. If F-I-L posts an answer, there is about a 95% chance he is correct.

    Question No. 1
    Team A has ball at B's 6 yard line. The game clock is stopped at 0:05. The game clock is then started on the Referee's signal. QB A15 quickly takes the snap and fakes a spike. He then throws a pass to A88 that is completed for a TD. The game clock expires during the down.
    A. Team A is penalized 15 yards for Unsportsmanlike Conduct (UNS) and the game is extended for an untimed down.
    B. Legal Play
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  2. Legal play would be my guess.
  3. I've seen the fake spike utilized, but I also feel this is a trick question...
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  4. Legal play.
  5. Barely
  6. Is this a legal play?

  7. Youth football or NFL?
  8. and is the player under center or in shotgun?
  9. Legal play isn’t it...didn’t Dan Marino or someone do this in the NFL?
  10. if Ohio State, Alabama or Oklahoma runs it against TCU or Baylor, then it's legal.
    If TCU or Baylor runs its against Ohio State, Alabama or Oklahoma, then it's illegal.
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  11. All rule questions are NCAA.
  12. Thanks.

    B. Legal

    only worth trying because there were more than "under 3 seconds" left on the clock.
  13. I know fake spikes are legal, but there might be a rule about performing a fake spike with under 5 or 10 seconds. I will go with legal play.
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  15. Isn't this what UCLA did to aggie last year?
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  16. C. So team A is aggie? Didnt Jackie Sherrill do this against us in the 80's? Showing theIR class being up by 28 late in the 4th?
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  17. Yes, but only if you do it on consecutive plays.

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