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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Atomic Frawg, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. This entire thread is confusing. When did Will Rogers get on the roster?
  2. Please let kickoff get here.
  3. Getting the ball to Reagor is certainly not a bad option, and every defensive coordinator in the league knows that, too. Do you have different expectations for each QB to keep him on the field?

    You have one game to platoon, and then you're on the road on national television against a P5 opponent. What do you need to see from each to get more pt and a potential start at Purdue?

    Are you looking for overall game management/leadership, not making the dumb mistake, fewer turnovers? I like where you are going, but what are your decision points? Is it the unseen stuff, like reading a D correctly and making the correct audible? What if you make the right audible, but have a poor pass? What keeps the player in the game? What gives you the most hope to grow on?
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    I went and re-watched the WVU game. Collins made some good throws, a few of which were dropped, but on scramble plays he ran the ball in slow motion and looked awkward. I don't see him as a dual-threat guy IF that is what we want. Can this team win in the B12 with Jeff Ballard at QB? (No knock on Ballard, dude won games.)
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  5. Ballard ran the ball a lot quicker than Collins. No way Collins would be able to run the option looks of that offense
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  6. Sewo in the Wild Frog
  7. Run the darn ball. Whoever doesn't fumble, runs with the ball. Then we have exciting blocking formations down field, utilizing our athletic and mean OL.
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  8. Exciting blocking formations? Gave me a giggle.

    Is that like saying dunk shot in basketball?
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  9. I’m looking for
    1. Who protects the ball best
    2. Who makes the right reads
    3. Who can move the chains on 3rd downs..Sustain drives
    4. Who gets it done in the red zone..
    5. How does each guy elevate the play of those around him.
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    Why are you assuming we won't platoon against Purdue? OOC is important but it is more important that they figure out the QB situation for conference play. I think they will use all the OOC games to resolve the QB position. Again, what do we really know about the QB situation this year? We have only two guys that have any real experience in college: Delton and Collins. And neither has proven yet that he can be the guy all the time. Last year, the coaches gave every opportunity to Shawn Robinson because he was the clear tabbed guy but we don't have the same situation this year. For example, if we asked people on this board who is our best quarterback right now, we would not have a clear answer because a few are coming back from injuries, others are new to the program and others will need to improve to reach the level we need.

    But to answer your question, I want to see which quarterback can move the ball and get first downs. I think I know what we will get with Delton. But what I am curious about is:
    1. Can Collins take the next step?
    2. Can Rogers really play at 100% this year and help us?
    3. How good is Duggan? Is he ready to play now or will he need to sit for a while?

    Here, is a reminder of the good and the bad of Collins and Delton from last year.

    If we want to see a huge spike in offensive production, I would think we need to have Duggan or Rogers come on and add a strong passing game. But it could be they won't be ready early in the season and need to rely on the veteran QBs more.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. smoke 'em if you got 'em
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  13. If you have good running backs, a strong line, and a classic GP defense, choosing a QB whose main quality is not turning the ball over is playing to win.
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    That’s a one dimensional criteria, IMO. Not turning it over is clearly important, but you are going to have close games regardless of how well our defense plays, and a dynamic QB that is truly an offensive weapon is what will ultimately propel you to a CCG caliber team.

    Picking a QB that merely has the highest probability of not screwing up, but also can’t routinely light up an opponent’s defense somewhat negates one another.
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  15. And the winner is...
  16. You make good points, but I would hope we don't have to platoon against Purdue. Losing that game to a middle/low middle of the pack B10 team would be a huge setback that early in the season. If Purdue has a typical season, then that could even keep us out of the playoffs. If we are going to lose, I would rather lose to one of our own upper half teams. If by "platoon" you mean using three or more QBs, I think that would be a bad sign. Using two QBs strategically in that game I think is fine and possibly even expected. Going three deep means too many questions remain. Regardless, do whatever it takes to get a P5 win on the road, and platoon against smew...at home.
  17. A great QB needs to have a great head of hair. Whoever has the best flow come gameday is the guy the should go with. It’s science.

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  18. Yeah. I know LAW. But, LRW?, not sure.
    AW=Award Winning.
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and [Baylor asshoe]!!
  19. Just realized this dog looks just like Trevor Lawrence. Ha.
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  20. 2005 Houston Bowl...clock winding down...some really dumb penalties...GP has a conversation with JB on the sidline and I saw JB return to the huddle and absolutely take control of the team by force of will, avoiding what for all the world looked like a meltdown-in-the-making. A great demonstration of leadership.

    BTW, I've lost my video of that game...can anyone out there help out an old Frog and link me to a copy?
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