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WVU Shafted

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Casey8Ball, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. - The 8-game conference slate in the SEC is the biggest issue in creating somewhat of an unfair playing field. It's just simple math that half their teams would have an additional loss if they played 9. I don't think the cross-division stuff matters as much. Sure, you might not play every tough team in your league but you don't get to play some easy ones either. All in all pretty much a wash. I do think the SEC is undoubtedly, top to bottom, the best league in the country and don't really think that can be debated all that much....but playing only 8-games in conference is just dumb in a 14-team league and speaks to trying to gain an advantage.

    - One reason the Big 10 and SEC get more NY6 teams is because they are just bigger. 14 > 10. That's just math too.

    - I think you are way overreacting to ND making it in this year. They'll have a tough road most any year because they don't schedule lightly. And they don't play 8 home games, they play 7, just like a lot of other teams.
  2. How many SEC teams are in NY 6 bowls this year?
  3. What really annoys me is how ahead of the curve the SEC is when it comes to gaming the system. They only play 8 games, they figure out how to play minimal away games, they set their own bowl schedule ensuring their conference strength to the public and set these weird "rivalries" within the SEC divisions. Like how aTm still hasn't played Georgia. They've been in the SEC seven years and haven't played a fellow conference member, can you even consider that same conference? Or how aTm has played only four away games the past three seasons and only played three away games in 2015.... How is that possible/permitted in the CFP structure? A lot easier to get up for 3-4 away games while playing at home the rest of the time.

    Why can't all these other conferences with better academics and blah blah blah figure out the system?
  4. This is true..
  5. The lack of balance in scheduling across the country is maddening to me. I give the committee a hard time (and they deserve it) but in their defense, it's unbelievably hard to judge so many teams when they are all playing totally different schedules. There needs to be more uniformity. Everyone should play the same number of conference games, no more than 7 home games, all conferences either have a CCG or none do, all teams have to play at least one P5 team in OOC, and Notre Dame has to join a conference.

    I realize few, if any, of these things will happen in my lifetime (I realize we already have all conferences playing CCGs now but it's not a rule so in theory some could change that). So I will gladly accept an 8 team playoff over the current 4 team invitational and be happy.
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  6. I agree on the first point, and on the second I'd agree too, except make neutral site games count toward the seven as well. And I fully realize that will never happen, but it would even out the playing field some.
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  7. I don't disagree, the CFP should include minimum parameters in order to qualify for the playoffs.

    And I hear what you're saying about the Aggies, but next year they play at Clemson, Georgia and LSU and Alabama at home. The rest of their schedule is weak but that's an insanely difficult four games.
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  8. Yeh no doubt, they get some level of relief for scheduling Clemson and do finally get Georgia next season. It’s a brutal schedule.

    But during the rest of their time in SEC it’s been seven/eight home games, eight conference games including an annual rollover against South Carolina, one neutral game and three/four away games. It’s horsesht
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  9. Iowa State travels well to bowls - they packed into Houston when we played them. San Antonio will be a nice break from the ice and snow for them.
  10. I don't think WVU got shafted by the Alamo Bowl.Some of our fans were disappointed by the snub but the reality is ISU will sell more tickets.They also had the H2H with WVU.Many of our fans were just pissed about the finish to the season,considering the offensive talent we had.What "Jake02"said about the SEC working the system is more annoying than anything.They don't get penalized for weak schedules.You have to believe the POCOM was using Alabama as a competitive curve to determine the strength of the league.In no way is the SEC that strong this year.
    Will Grier has committed to the Senior bowl but there has been no statement on the bowl game.I will assume he is playing until I hear otherwise.
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  11. For what it’s worth I argued this same point about the 8 game SEC schedule months ago and you told me I was wrong because 8 SEC games is harder than 9 Big 12 games because of KS.
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  12. I do think an 8-game SEC West schedule is tougher than a 9-game Big 12 schedule, especially if you draw a couple of the better teams from the East in the crossover game. Let me clarify a bit though. It might be easier to go 6-6- or 7-5 in the SEC (that just depends on the OOC opponents) but the path to the playoffs is more difficult playing an SEC West schedule than it is a Big 12 schedule.

    Look at Texas A&M's schedule next year and tell me there's a Big 12 team that has a more difficult path to the playoffs. Heck, you can even throw out the game at Clemson.
  13. Until we can show some reasonable proof that we can compete with OU, they might as well be Alabama.
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  14. Yes, aTm’s schedule next year is difficult. For the first time in their 8 year history in the SEC they play Georgia.

    What a darning joke.
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  15. Big 12 teams that have played Georgia since A&M joined the SEC:

  16. Well in fairness, every single TCU-OU game was decided by one score or less in TCU’s first five years in the Big 12. I’d say that’s pretty competitive.

    Yes OU has blown TCU out the three times we’ve played them the last two years, BUT every one of games occurred during years when OU had the eventual Heisman winner at quarterback (assuming Murray ends up winning it). In fact you can throw in the 2008 OOC blow out as well when they had eventual Heisman winner Sam Bradford under center.

    So my take away is TCU can compete with OU as long as OU doesn’t have the Heisman winner playing quarterback for them.
  17. Coincidentally Lincoln Riley became their OC right about the time we stopped being able to prevent them from scoring at will.
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  18. The team that finished 4th place in the big 12 got the 4th best post-season bowl game (CFP, Sugar, Alamo, Camping World in that order). No really sure they got shafted. The Alamo bowl not only picked the team that finished 3rd place in the conference, ISU beat WVU.
  19. Yah PO beat me to it, but unfortunately for us, those previous years don’t mean much as they seem to still be trending up, consistently reloading, with the gap seemingly getting wider. Hate to say it, but I think Riley will continue on an upward trend with b2b Heisman winners, which not sure has ever been done(maybe?), but most certainly will begin to attract the best QB’s in the country moving forward. QB’s kill in college football.
  20. Back to back Heisman winners have happened (Leinert and Bush at USC, most recently), but I don't believe it's ever been back to back Quarterbacks.
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