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WVU Shafted

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Casey8Ball, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. For everyone pissed about our cheezeit bowl, take a look at how WVU got royally screwed. They're a team that would've finished 9-3 if one game hadn't been cancelled, and yet they got passed up by the Alamo Bowl for an ISU team with a worse record. Instead of playing 2-loss Wazzu, they get stuck with Syracuse.

    To add to that, the committee gave them the middle finger by ranking them below a Texas squad who they beat in Austin and who finished the regular season with the same amount of losses as them. I also think WVU is better than both Florida and Kentucky who are ranked above them, but Florida gets that NY6 bowl game instead thanks to 4 sec teams getting the nod (2 of which were at-large selections and had worse records than Wazzu, they also got shafted).

    Not to mention I'd put WVU in the sugar bowl over Texas, but not sure if the sugar bowl had a choice there.
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  2. Agree. I'd much rather see WVU against Georgia.
  3. I’m not sure I agree with ALL of that but agree on the Alamo Bowl part. I will say that it’s a 110% fact that ISU will send way more fans to that game that WV would have. And who knows, maybe WV would rather play Cuse. They’re old conference mates aren’t they?
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  4. the bowls are nothing but about selling tickets.

    they don't look for the best match-ups and they have seen a decline in their ticket sales and television ratings since the formation of the cfp.

    if you are the sugar bowl and had a very large, delusional fan base in texas just a short distance away it was an easy choice over wvu.

    it does make me wonder about the selection of the texas bowl. i heard the ceo of the bowl at the end of the texans broadcast and he claimed prior to the announcement of the teams that they already had sold over 50,000 tickets.
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  5. So how does Texas get into the NY6 after losing to OU in Big 12 CG, but TCU does not?
    I don't really care what happened to WVU.
  6. Sugar Bowl is obligated to take the Big 12 Champ but since OU made the playoff they had to take UT. Last year the Sugar Bowl was a playoff game so it didn’t have to take a Big 12 team. Had last year happened this year we would be in the Sugar Bowl.
  7. Look at the agreement for Sugar Bowl... it stipulates that the Big 12 and SEC sends their highest ranked team at the end of the season or second highest if the top ranked team makes the CFP. The caveat is that if the Sugar Bowl is a playoff game like it was year then our tie to the Sugar Bowl is superseded like it was last year. In other words, if the Sugar Bowl was not a playoff game last year then we would have been in New Orleans.
  8. I was really looking forward to a Leach vs Holgo "zero given" bowl. too bad
  9. Its funny that you guys think bowl match ups are about how many tickets the teams can sell. The reality is most bowls sell 75% of their tickets to the same groups of people every year - local business and supporters of the bowl - not the teams playing in it.
  10. Yeah there have been some merit less points made about ticket sales, travel costs, bowl payouts and the like. These games are really for tv, the bowl sponsors and the schools/conferences
  11. ISU finished above WVU in league standings. Same conference record and ties are broken by head to head. WVU didn’t get shafted. The bowls did the right thing here.
  12. Very likely that WVU preferred Orlando over San Antonio.
  13. That is a good point. How fun the destination is plays a bigger role to the players than us fans think. I remember our last year in the MWC we were either going to the independence bowl in Shreveport or the poinsettia bowl in San Diego. Everyone on this forum wanted Shreveport for due to its closer proximity, but I talked to a player on the team who said the players wanted San Diego.
  14. No doubt
  15. It’s this, and anything else OP is inferring is wrong.

    WVU recruits Florida more than Texas. It’s a win-win.

    Also, does anyone think Grier would play in either bowl? Had to be on Alamo bowl’s mind as well.
  16. 1) The sugar bowl was obligated to take Texas as they were the big 12 CCG loser. Even if Texas dropped behind WVU, Texas was guaranteed a spot in Sugar if Oklahoma made the playoff.

    2) ISU actually finished higher in the big 12 due to tiebreakers.

    3) ISU will send more fans to Alamo and WVU will send more fans to Orlando. Win-win-win for the schools, the fanbases, and the bowl games.

    4) WVU recruits florida more than ISU, so I assume WVU would rather play in Orlando.

    5) WVU gets to play one of their historic rivals as opposed to some random school. Syracuse and WVU have played 60 times and have a rivalry trophy.
  17. Is Grier playing in the bowl? Haven’t seen him opt out, but never know anymore.
  18. Is the thread title a mining pun? I hope so.

    Also, in defense of the committee, WVU just didn't have that crucial "12th data point" quality-loss to Maryland like Bevo did.
  19. There are two forces at work that will keep the Big Ten and SEC almost always getting more teams in the NY6. It’s a load of crap but true. SEC gaming the system by playing only 8 conference games means it’s less likely the 1st, 2nd and 3’place teams in either division play each other so their record will always be attractive for the rankings. Big Ten’s horrible West division means the top 3-4 teams in the East will escape mostly unscathed in crossover games.

    Big 12 and PAC 12 have the most difficult job keeping the 2nd and 3rd place teams records clean. We are guaranteed a rematch and it’s about 66% or higher it happens in the PAC 12 title game as well. This is where the real inequity is.

    Throw in a Notre Dame program that plays 8 home games, no championship game and you might have an almost permanent member of the NY6 as well. If Stanford and USC don’t improve they might be a permanent member of the 4 playoff teams.
  20. I wonder what would have happened if Ohio State had already played Wisconsin before they beat them 59-0 in 2014? Probably the same outcome, but that last win would have been looked at differently had they already beaten Wisconsin.

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