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Would anyone want to see TCU play USC?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by AroundWorldFrog, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. Wondering if anyone would actually want to see us ditch a FCS team for USC in 2021? Two Pac-12 teams, one at home and one neutral site maybe?
  2. Probably a better chance we pick up UC Davis.
  3. If they still have Todd Orlando as DC, sign us up!
  4. Our place first or no way. Tired of seeing these so called "big teams" walking all over us.
  5. I understand what you’re saying, but when was the last time that happened to TCU?
  6. The last time TCU played USC, the Trojans went home with their tails between their legs.
  7. Good for USC for having never played an FCS opponent.
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  8. Heck yes we'll play them
  9. We would love it but GP would probably be against it. I am sure the players would love it as well but GP thinks it is going to hold us back from playing in the Play Offs which probably will never happen anyways.
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  10. Purdue last season. Not that they walked all over us on the field, but they did on scheduling. When do we get them here, if they even honor the commitment?

    We got hosed on the home and home with The State of Ohio. Now, we got hosed on the home and home agreement with Purdue. It's time we get some satisfaction with a home game with a somewhat at least decent opponent for those season ticket holders that have been waiting for years to bring a "big name" opponent to AGCS.
  11. You almost have to go undefeated to get there. If we lost a single game to a USC early in the season (which you shouldn't do if you're the best in the country) and went undefeated in conference including CCG, I'd say we are in. Winning is key (obviously).
  12. TCU is a big boy school and needs to start acting like one. Aren't we about the same size as USC? Doesn't our stadium serve the same market as Jerryworld? Do our season ticket holders hold the same value to our school as theirs do to them?

    AS far as I'm concerned, they can come here to AGC or play UC Davis. Not going to see them in a "one and done" at Jerryworld or the Colesium.
  13. Patterson has a point. Just look at Baylor last season their out of conference schedule was SFA, UTSA and Rice. Talk about a murder’s row lineup and they probably would have ended up in the playoffs, even with one loss, if they had beaten OU in the Big 12 Championship game. It stinks but if that is the system there isn’t much to gain playing tough out of conference games.
  14. damn people.....not like you don 't get a non-conference game against prairie view a&m next season
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  15. Yep. The only time OOC is going to matter is if there is another school with the exact same record and CCG competing against us.
  16. Hasn’t it been well established that TCU, not Ohio State wanted out of the home and home? I believe Patterson even mentioned not wanting to play Ohio State twice.
  17. Always worth another look...

    Side note: a young Coach O is trying to coach up a shell-shocked USC defense at the end of the clip.
  18. Yes I believe that is correct. With that said, I would’ve loved to see Alex Delton vs Justin Fields in Columbus
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  19. Would I like to see this? Yes. By scheduling quality FBS opponents, USC is showing us how big time college football schedules. Contrast that with our schedule that includes SMU & FCS every fricking year.

    Will it happen? No. Patterson's scheduling routine is FCS, SMU and then a 'stretch' major conference home & home. Seems like 'stretch' isn't very stretchy as our schedule is clogged with mid level major conference opponents. He probably isn't changing.
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  20. Could be a home game, of sorts. Seems like half of all students are from SoCal.

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