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Will New Media Bid on College Football?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Jefffrog1993, Aug 13, 2020.

  1. Does anyone see Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Disneystreaming, Google, Microsoft bidding on college football when rights come up for bid?


    why not?

    If they do how high might rights get for college football?
  2. I think the fact that more and more people are moving away from cable and using ONLY streaming services like Netflix and Amazon will bid. The others (Youtube, Hulu, Swing, etc...) all broadcast ESPN, FOX, FSN, etc... I still think the king will be ESPN and ESPN+.
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  3. Hmmmmm. Good question.
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  4. I do think there is a good opportunity for Amazon or Netflix to create the Big 12 channel since all the other power 5 conferences have their own channel. I have to watch the SEC Network to get any TV coverage on college football right now.
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  5. we have longhorn network instead Texas gets all the benefits!
  6. Are Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc even in the "live streaming" business? My understanding is that on-demand is an entirely different model compared to live, so you'd probably be looking more at some sort of ESPN+ / MLB / WWE Network operation compared to those giants of the On-Demand Streaming world.
  7. These companies are giants and could pay a ton for rights I hope they bid!
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  8. I know nothing about any of this so please keep the elderly and stupid apprised. Thanks in advance.
  9. TCU Football, exclusively on Tik Tok!
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  10. Hulu and YouTube are in the live streaming biz. Not sure if they’d be willing to pay the $ required for cfb. But Netflix has to be raking in $ right now so maybe they’d consider adding it
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  11. Facebook as been increasing its streaming of baseball the last few years and Amazon has a deal with the NFL on about a dozen games. It is getting closer and Twitter has also been experimenting with live sports. Disney owns ESPN, ABC and Hulu so it is already highly involved.
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    I mentioned this subject sometime back indicating I know the EX Pres of Netflix. From his conversation he indicated Netflix would be a Major player in streaming football and Netflix had the resources to do what it took. Amazon, Youtube, Netflix, Disney (ESPN), Fox and possibly CBS would be in the picture. One thing that I caught early on in that conversation was the amount of wealth Netflix had available. All it takes to stream live is equipment and he replied...so we go out and buy the very best available, that's all. There's more to it than equipment; lines, trucks and people, that's the hard part. People who are qualified.
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  13. They already have for other sports so I don’t see why they wouldn’t try for this.

    Amazon currently airs most EPL games in England, which has been unheard of for years if I understand it correctly. They basically came in and gave them with their football what we associate as normal with our football when it comes to tv coverage.
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  14. Honestly, this post blatantly reveals you are either a) full of it, or b) got bad info. "The amount of wealth Netflix had available." You serious Clark?

    I've talked about this on this forum over the years and don't want to go through it all again. The short answer is NO, Netflix and Amazon won't be bidders for the Big 12's TV package. That is not their strategy and they have said, on record, they aren't pursuing live sports rights in any significant way. Amazon's foray into the NFL/FPL/etc. was highly targeted and they have said they don't anticipate expanding their sports rights significantly.

    Big 12 is deeply invested in ESPN, and ESPN is deeply invested in the Big 12. All should expect it to stay that way, and should expect the Big 12 will get lots of money in return for our tv rights. You should also expect more and more content to head to ESPN+, just be ready.
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  15. The ONLY reason I get cable is in the fall, and I do it through Hulu. I wonder what their profit difference would be.
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  16. so that is a no?
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