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will jalen reagor leave tcu with the career receiving hat trick?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Eight, May 23, 2019.

  1. To be fair Reagor is a sophomore not a redshirt junior or senior. Remember JD played at Wyoming and had to redshirt a year. No one knew who he was until his junior year. If Reagor had a qb like Boykin and we ran a wide open passing attack his numbers would be even better. Reagor set records last year with no one at qb.
  2. This! Incredibly different players. Can’t really compare the 2 beyond both being great WR’s.
  3. Nah this isn't correct. Compare the two teams side by side... Doctson was awesome, and very well the best player on the team, but replace Reagor with Doctson and we are still a poor team in 2018

    Boykin >>>>>>>> SR/MC Boykin >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Muehl
    OL isn't close
    Listenbees/Porter/Slanina/Gray/Turpin >>>>>>> whatever we had in 2018
    RB is probably one position we are slightly better at in 2018, altho not much
  4. All 3 are great TCU receivers. Renfro played in a different era. Apples to oranges. If you want to compare Doctson to Reagor, still much of the same. I think Doctson was the stronger receiver of the two, especially given his height. That's not to take away from Reagor. Both are phenomenal receivers. Reagor has stupid fast speed (thank you high school track!). Doctson could elevate against his opponent and high point a ball. Reagor catches a ball in space and makes magic happen. As long as it ends in 6 points, I don't give a rat's arse how it's done.

    Don't forget, it was Green that eventually caught that one pass at Tech.

    We've had some gems over the years, though. There is no discounting our other guys that have greatly contributed to our success over the years. One receiver doesn't make an offense, as jake102 has somewhat pointed out. I appreciate all of the guys that have sacrificed and put in the work to make our program as great as it has been in the past 20 years.

    I love me some Frog Factor!
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  5. ^ This
  6. jalen showed in the baylor and oklahoma state games he has the ability, but i agree that the season josh had in that 2015 team especially was huge.

    i think the biggest thing he did that year was being consistent over the year. he also seemed to get open when the frogs needed him the most, always seemed to make the catch on third down, and created some big plays after the catch.

    will have to defer to those who saw mike play as i have only seen the film of games during that time and i think that is the next step in jalen's evolution at the receiver position.
  7. Have seen them all. Renfro. He WAS the offense. The other teams knew he was the only weapon we had, defended him as such and he still made just about every catch. Not a speed burner, but could run great routes. Still today, one of the top set of hands (and, no gloves) I have ever seen.
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  8. Great point about the gloves. Good lord imagine Lynn Swann or Bob Hayes, Et al. with today’s gloves.
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  9. thanks for the thoughts.

    i have had the chance to talk with mike a few times and he confirmed for me a story that i had been told by someone that i think reinforces just how physical it was for receivers back in mike's day.

    most of mike's nfl career was with the oilers and that meant on a regular basis they played the steelers. steelers' best corner was mel blount who in today's game would most likely be a linebacker. blount was well over 6' and over 200' and it was reported that mel cut out the foam of his shoulder pads (which really weren't anything compared to today's equipment) so they were pretty much plastic on plastic.

    blount didn't do it for speed, but the noise, he wanted receivers to know he was in the area and closing fast ready to deliver as hard a hit as possible on them be it a pass to the receiver, ball to the other side of the field, run play etc.....

    mike said blount did do that and the entire pittsburgh secondary was looking to knock a receiver out on each and every play if possible. oakland with tatum and atkinson had the wrap, but blount, edwards, and shell might have been more lethal.

    laughed when i asked about the idea of a defenseless receiver. mike said as soon as you stepped foot on the turf there was no such thing back in the day.
  10. or alworth, joiner, and warfield
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  11. Doctson was a “known” commodity by 15 and that made his dominance even more impressive..Reagor’s cat is now completely out of the bag..He will see massive amounts of corners with over the top help. We’ll know a lot more about Reagor after this year and the comparison between he and Doctson will be a little easier to make...

    Incidentally, the Purdue kid Rondell Moore will also see a ton of defensive attention..That should make the Purdue game particularly interesting. A game of who can get their star loose. Traditionally, GP has faired pretty well taking away the oppositions best player..

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