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Why is the Killingsworth Forum a Ghost Town?

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by ThisIsOurTime, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. The current president. Goodness, are we really at this level of denial now?
  2. Uh, who was impeached? Have you ever heard of the Senate? Fake loony impeachment is just that - zero. Grow up and live with it. Uh, the Economy? Guess what? You will be a loser again, and this time in a landslide. I wonder why a snowflake is on this board, anyway. Go away. Or leave the country like you probably stated before the '16 election. Go.
    Really? Was he removed from office? My definition (and reasonable people's) of "impeachment" is being removed from office. You losers make me laugh. OK, Snow F. Lake, I will make a $100 bet with you right now. We will let TopFrog hold the money. The bet is I win the pot if Trump wins and you get it if he loses. C'mon big man; big mouth. Put your snowflake money where your snowflake mouth is. You people are a effen embarrassment. Please stop while you are waaaaaaaay behind.
  3. Your definition is wrong. Sorry. Trump was impeached and acquired, same as Bill Clinton.

    We are entitled to our opinions, we are not entitled to our own facts. Trump was impeached. Fact.
    Yeah it's a real puzzler why the General Board is a ghost town with this sort of dialogue, isn't it?
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  4. *acquitted, not acquired.
  5. Liked for scheissface Von Clownstick hahahaha. No McClownface dammit, VON Clownface. Hahahaha
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    Drumpfers don't care about "facts" and reality. If Drumpf said the sky was green and the Drumpfers would fall in line like the yes men and women they are. Sad!


    It's the only way Drumpf supporters know how to argue - misdirection, demagoguery, and lies. Very low energy and nasty way of arguing.

    While I'd like to have an adult conversation with Drumpfers, their bullying and loud yelling make it impossible.

    See above Drumpfers low energy bullying response for an example.

    edit: see below for another very low energy bullying response.
  7. Chicken shirt. But really, you are smart not to p*ss away $100. Losers. Get over it. Really love those AWESOME Dem candidates. BWHAHAHAHAHA!
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    How's it going my friend? Passionate I see.

    Do I agree Trump may well win in 2020? Yes. I do. Particularly if the Dems continue to delay getting their [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] together.

    But I think you're missing one thing about Nov 2020, and you are actually displaying an example of this. I'll explain that in a moment.

    Trump's base loves him undoubtedly. And the far left loathes him, which again excites his base. I get that. I don't agree with his base but I get it. However, many moderates are being silent, and I don't think you're thinking of them, or have the finger on their pulse.

    I am moderate, and I hang with a lot of moderates. In general, I want a dignified, thoughtful president who doesn't communicate by tweet. I want a president who will listen to his own chosen advisors and cabinet instead of firing people who express a different opinion. I want a president who knows he doesn't know everything. And I do not want a president who fosters and invites a divisive America. These things are not just "wants" to me. They are not negotiable to me as a moderate.

    Furthermore, what also alienates many moderates is what you are showing an example of. This president, more than any politician I can think of, relishes juvenille attacks and insults towards anyone he feels is against him. And his base loves the same. They're not even clever attacks. Calling someone Looney or Crooked for example is just name calling. Anyone can call any opposed politician or individual something similar.

    This attack mentality is not the same as being opposed to someone or expressing a difference in opinion. This is different. It is what seems to be a need to belittle people and promote one's own brilliance, even in the face of contradictory evidence at times. The reason I will vote not Trump is because I detect that he cares more about his own cult of personality than he does about the American people or an America that is united and doesn't resemble the Sharks vs the Jets. It has nothing to do with wanting to undermine conservatism or elect a socialist.

    We can all do better than we have been.
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  9. I agree Sativa.

    But growing up I learned to best way to handle a bully is to punch back. So I’m not backing down from insults and diatribe of Drumpfers.

    The republicans thought they were being bullied by the mainstream media, and maybe they were. The King of the Oompa Loompas seized on this and decided to become a republican and start fighting back.

    The right thought “finally someone who will stand up for us” and Baby Fingers rode their support into the WH.

    Facts don’t matter anymore when you have a phone and can skip intelligence briefings to tweet from the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ter of the Lincoln bedroom after eating McDonald’s.

  10. Lol let's start with city council in Aggtown or Tx Congressman first. But I like the thought, I've always threatened to run for public office as an Independent.
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  11. We have some sincere philosophical differences, but I’d definitely vote for that.
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  12. Don’t know if y’all caught it today, but Trump came out with a call to discontinue the public service loan forgiveness program (whatever it’s called). It occurred to me that maybe it’s intended to push a good number of democrat undecideds to Bernie, because he’s basically running on a “scheiss Trump” platform and he and his loan forgiveness plan will get the most mileage out of it (Warren too, but she’s barely breathing after New Hampshire). What do y’all think?
  13. You sound like a thoughtful fellow Sativa. I’d consider voting for you.

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