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Why is the Killingsworth Forum a Ghost Town?

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by ThisIsOurTime, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. What should we take away from the reality that the Scott & West Sports Fan Forum is very active and the Killingsworth Forum is practically a ghost town? Why does getting a thread moved from the Fan Forum to this "Killings" worth forum pretty much constitute a punishment and a death sentence to that thread?

    Do people who come to KFF pretty much only care about sports and nothing else?
    Do they use other forums on other sites to express their non sports views?
    What would it take to get more interest in this forum?
    Why do you think there is so little interest in it? Is part of the reason because people aren't aware of it and it doesn't directly mention this is a place for politics, religion and what not and merely says non sports topics?
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  2. Might have something to do with being inundated with politics and religion everywhere else on the web so nobody really feels the need to come to KFC for it. People want to read about TCU stuff on KFC. They don't come to KFC to read somebody's opinion of what constitutes a valid religious stance.
  3. This is primarily a sports board, so really the only people that are going to wade over here are the people that are interested in both.

    We actually used to have quite a robust General Board that was pretty active with socio-political discussions, but around 2013 due to some forum drama with precious ownership, a lot of the most politically active posters left.

    I'd imagine in the run-up to 2020 you'll see a slight uptick in the activity here.
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  4. Prior to June 12, 2013, the General Board was very active, with a demographic/ideological cross-section of posters.

    A single thread, "The General Board Sucks" still holds the KF.c record for the most views and posts.

    The Great Religious War of June 12th, 2013 led to the departure (involuntary and voluntary) of a large cohort of General Board posters--which included, IIRC, 17 of the all time top KF.c posters (by post count).

    In the post-war period, the posters frequenting this forum tend to be of a common political and ideological bent who (a) serve as an echo chamber for each other's posts, or (b) prowl like pack animals attacking any poor soul who deigns to offer a differing opinion.

    Edit: Todd D. I was typing while you were posting your thoughts. You beat me to the "post reply" button.
  5. Alright, but that was 6 or 7 years ago. On the Sports Forum, there have been all kinds of feuds and shenanigans and yet people makeup and keep on posting. I am surprised you didn't see the same here or that we didn't see fresh blood replace them.
  6. It wasn't like they just avoided this subforum but stayed active on the sports side. It was so bad they left for good and started their own community. The ones that stayed were the ones that either didn't get involved in the drama or, as geezer noted, not a very diverse group ideologically.

    The other thing is...there's just not a ton going on right now. Yeah yeah impeachment but we all know how that's gonna end. As I said, I think as the fever rises on the 2020 election youll see this sub become more active.
  7. Yeah, but that isn't a problem on other boards. You could always bring up philosophical topics, humor or something crazy that happened in the news.
  8. True, though perhaps other boards have a population more interested in discussing such manners. Keep in mind, you can bring up those topics as you want, just need to make sure that they are posted in the appropriate forum. If people are interested in discussing them, they will respond. It's just that the current population of KFC tends not to be very interested in those subjects at this time (as stated, that wasn't always the case).
  9. Unfortunately there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than has been discussed here that contributed to the blow up, but Todd and geezer did a good job hitting the relevant points.
  10. Nailed it
  11. I lurked quite a bit in the pre and post war times and what you are saying is spot on. Heaven help those with different opinions.
  12. In other words, the looney liberals took this over and it lost traction with the reasonable people. I guess when Shack and Friends defected (thank goodness) The Generally Bored started to die a slow death. Kind of like what will be happening to the loser (Democrat) party. My guess is Pelosi will retire before she has to face her punishment of a House inquiry.
  13. I used to enjoy talking politics, especially with people who disagreed with me. However, political discussions have devolved into nothing but personal attacks, which is why I left that other board and came back here and try to avoid political discussions.
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  14. I bet your Shack and Friends buddies are freaking out now. Trump will win in landslide (even CNN admitted as such yesterday), The GOP will take back the house and increase its numbers in the Senate. I am loving seeing the Democratic party go down the drain. Out of touch, and Pelosi let the loony left millionaires bully her around to do something she SAID she didn't want to do. She is probably the sorriest human in America (Schiff maybe more). I love seeing these idiots fall. And I really question anybody's intelligence who votes for any Dem after what has transpired lately. Not a personal attack, rather, an observation. I hate snowflakes, worse than I hate Baylor.
  15. If there’s one thing I’ve learned the past few years, it’s that I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen.
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  16. I think November is pretty damn obvious. The minority voices (as opposed to majority voices in case some loon takes this the wrong way) of the loony left TV networks are not fooling the American people now. CNN may have to come off the air their ratings are so low. What does it tell you when you take Fox News' prime time ratings and they are almost DOUBLE of MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN COMBINED? It says America is sick of the BS these networks with their agenda-driven anchors are shelling out. Now if we can get the snowflakes to act reasonable maybe this country can be saved.
  17. Uh, who was impeached? Have you ever heard of the Senate? Fake loony impeachment is just that - zero. Grow up and live with it. Uh, the Economy? Guess what? You will be a loser again, and this time in a landslide. I wonder why a snowflake is on this board, anyway. Go away. Or leave the country like you probably stated before the '16 if Trump won election. Go.
  18. Typical Drumpf clone.

    Trumplethinskin hasn't transformed the economy.

    Across a broad range of economic metrics, performance has continued on the same trend as the gains made in the final years under President Barak Obama who, unlike scheissface Von Clownstick, inherited the Great Recession. Drumpf inherited an economy already on an upward trend.

    But I shouldn't expect a Cheeto Jesus worshiper to understand economics, statistics, simple math, or how to think for himself. It's much easier to parrot whatever latest lie Tiny Hands posts on social media or spouts to his lackey Hannity and his faux news yes men.

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