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Whole position group knocked out at OU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Smellslikeroses, Aug 25, 2020.

  1. "Pain... Humiliation... Hemorrhoids!"
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  3. I think it'd be funny to see OU have to play Missouri State with, for instance, their DL having to also play OL just like HS ball... Hilarious.
  4. A whole position group wiped out at OU? Probably was the tight ends...
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  6. just be glad you aren't near the gulf coast in the time of the covid

    holy [ #2020 ] if the the covid doesn't get us the hurricane will according to the news stations
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  7. COVIDcane.
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  8. Could be. My wife is in grad admissions at Ok St., those dashboards were sold to parents to help them feel better about dropping their kids off at school. Panic culture is going to panic with or without the information.
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  9. you have that backwards, the ou tightends have been wiping out tcu since riley took over that offense
  10. I've got 3 kids and a wife at 4 different schools. I haven't spent one second worrying about any of them getting COVID. Literally doesn't even register as even the slightest concern for me. I feel bad for the parent who wakes up every day and immediately needs to check the COVID tracker at their kid's school.
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  11. Next sci-fi channel original movie.
  12. Flatten the curve!
  13. You are way behind here.
  14. I dropped my daughter off at college today. She got a COVID test as part of the move in. I really hope it isn't positive, because I'd need to quarantine and miss a couple things I really want to do this weekend.
  15. Absolutely agree just making the point that for universities it’s selling point. They are treating COVID tracking like it’s an amenity on a cruise ship
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  16. Ha ha haaaaaa! You got knocked the scheiss out!
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  17. One of the "college football writers" who really doesn't want college football proving what the dashboards are really for:

    College football facing harsh reality with students returning to campus
    "The dashboards that post positive COVID-19 test numbers are the new scoreboards for the future of college football. The D1 Ticker, the indispensable daily email that tracks college athletics, reads these days like a college police blotter: “Holy Cross police busted a large off-campus apartment party,” it read over the weekend."
  18. Died with Covid is tons different than died cuz of Covid. Because of the way hospitals are incentivized to list Covid as a cause in order to get federal dollars....the true number of true covid fatalities is probably half of what is reported....many many experts agree.
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  19. And what...still less than 13k under 55 years old?? Most with preexisting conditions.

    Under 55 you are more likely to die from the flu than from the 'Ro.
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  20. how do you manage a wife at 4 different schools?

    you aren't in fact that former tcu football assistant who had multiple families are you
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