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Who killed George Floyd? He did.

Discussion in 'Hell's Half Acre' started by Paint It Purple, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. So, who killed George Floyd? He did.

    "The only crime here has been the prosecution’s shockingly incompetent investigation of Floyd’s death. In charging and continuing to prosecute these defendants, Minnesota’s attorney general has failed to take into account the most important and material evidence in the case, i.e., the fact that Floyd’s inability to breathe started while he was still upright and mobile and the scientific proof that his death was the direct and inescapable result of a massively fatal overdose of a powerful and dangerous drug known to cause, in the words of the toxicology report, “severe respiratory depression, seizures, hypotension, coma and death.”

    The proof of the defendants’ innocence is undeniable. But given the violence and rioting that has followed in the wake of Floyd’s death, will it be possible for these defendants to receive justice? In other words, will there be a judge or jury with enough integrity and courage to defy the mob and, in recognition of the clear and overwhelming exculpatory evidence, set these wrongfully accused men free."

    Jumping to conclusions before real facts are known. This seems to happen every time, doesn't it?
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  2. Really .....
  3. Yep
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    Thanks for the article. The author has the scientific credentials, no doubt, but seems to waste his opportunity discussing his opinion about the myth of the "drug crazed negro" (his words not mine) instead of facts. He mentions the fentanyl almost as an afterthought. His description of the facts surrounding George Floyd's behavior, speech and the audio of others recorded by the bodycams don't match up with the actualities. In fact, he either wrote this without all of the facts from the audio, video and autopsy or worse he selectively ignored them.

    I hope for justice to prevail. Justice hinged on the truth and ALL of the facts. Everyone jumps to conclusions without all the facts and when they finally come out we refuse to admit that our conclusions may have been wildly wrong. Sadly, I strongly believe that certain people do this purposefully for worse than just political reasons.

    Edit: Just thinking about author's "drug crazed negro" MYTH that he was so dead-set to say exists. I agree it's a myth. One that I have never heard of by the way. It's a myth just like the myth that cops are out to kill blacks and it's a myth, just like the myth of white privilege. All three myths, made up out of thin air.
  5. Fentanyl overdose. The democrats and Minneapolis PD/Minnesota DOJ have known this all along, but have hidden these facts from the public to play up the racism narrative.
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  6. I still have 2 questions:
    1. Normally when police are fighting they call it out. Yes there were 4 cops there but why not 20? Why no supervisors on scene 9 minutes later? Especially with a hostile crowd gathering?
    2. What was the main officers ultimate end game? Was he just going to sit on top of him indefinitely in front of a growing crowd?

    We do know that the main officer knew Floyd, and I'm guessing did not like him. I see him as guilty of some type of criminally negligent homicide. Don't see the other 3 as guilty of anything outside of maybe a failure to stop and render aid. That said I know nothing about Minnesota criminal law.
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  7. Society seems to have bought the last 2. As a former LEO 1. I have some pretty concrete opinions that would be an "inconvenient truth" to to the left not to mention I'm pretty freaking offended at the thought that cops go out looking for blacks to kill.
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  8. George Floyd was a career criminal who died of a massive illegal drug overdose. The police just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then the media set the country on fire.
  9. Thanks for the (Rush - Freedom Award Winner) insight.
  10. You mean the truth?
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  11. Unlike Gavin Long in Baton Rouge on July 17th, 2016. Drove from KC JUST to kill cops, he did, 3, and wounded 3 more. EBR Sheriff Deputy Nick Tullier just went home after 4 years in a hospital in Houston cuz of that nasty bullet in his head. His mom Mary, my wife’s 1st cousin said they may now try and rebuild their home that went 10 feet under water in the flood of 2016 a month after the shooting.
  12. An inconvenient truth. Never understood the whole concept of how a suspect is breaking the law, and resisting arrest when the police arrive, and yet it's the police who have a problem.
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  13. Read the link in the OP. May shed light on what was happening in that 8-9 minutes and why.

    And, why oh why would you guess that the officer did not like him? It’s the guesses in cases like these, without knowing the facts that get us all into trouble. Interestingly, there’s no backing down from wrong guesses once the facts are known.
  14. I will check out the link. Thanks.

    They worked the same PT job together for years and knew each other well, My gut instinct is that his mistreatment of Floyd was intentional. The fact that he was in uniform and on the clock was a coincidence. Let's hide a murder in plain sight.
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  15. Looks like it’s you who need to do your research. They worked as bouncers at the same place and were known to have had previous altercations
  16. I think that they were in on the counterfeiting together and the officer was mad at Floyd for pushing the bills locally. Always wondered why 18 years on the force and still in patrol. Sometimes the PT jobs are the driving force of the career decisions, but even more so if you have a lucrative illegal side hustle.

    Any of these theories that this was somehow personal take away from the narrative that cops are systematically targeting blacks.
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  17. I’m white. I have zero idea what it is like growing up black in America. The way I was raised you do not fight back against police you do as instructed and then fight it later in a court of law. I have zero frame of reference in this situation so I’ll keep my thoughts to myself.

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