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Who is starting at QB vs Baylor?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by HeidelFrog, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Assuming Duggan is out with his upper body injury.

    Collins is out for the year with his kidney injury.

    Rogers is gone.

    That would make Delton the clear choice correct? However, I wonder how motivated he is after being passed over by both Duggan then Collins when he is the most experienced Big 12 QB on roster and a graduate transfer. Wonder how he is taking that?

    Who is next Downing? Baldwin is still hurt.
  2. Baldwin is cleared
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  3. Downing.
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  4. I haven’t heard that. That would be great. He was battling with Heisman candidate Justin Fields to be the Buckeyes starting QB earlier this year. Would love to have him out there competing.
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  5. Lol, if you really think GP would tell us this. His answer would be you will find out on Saturday. And you left of Delton on your speculation list.
  6. The fact that I see a line on the board here at Sunset Station leads me to believe its going to be Duggan.
  7. In this offense he will be battling Sonny Cumbie
  8. Hahaha, think we all know that GP won’t tell us. That’s obvious. The big paragraph was all about Delton.
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  9. Let’s say you enter the “Rabbit Hole” but realize you should have been a little more patient...can you come back out and beg for forgiveness?
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  10. Sewo from the WildFrog the whole game.
  11. Only running right
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  12. He scored against Texas going right.
  13. And went three yards backwards on 3rd and 2
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  14. Going again to the right.....
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    I’m preparing myself for Delton. He’ll probably go 5-0 as a starter because little else makes sense so why not?
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  16. Put in Delton and run the Short Side Option!
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  17. No Leaks on the seriousness Max's injury,?.
  18. We need some folk to hang out at Chipotle!
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  19. Have we considered that he might not be an ambirunner?
  20. Wait, what? Have you heard this? It appeared Duggan smashed a finger or lost a fingernail. As far as Collins I wouldn't be surprised if it was a blow to the kidneys because that's the way it looked. Are you just speculating or is this the report?

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