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Who are we for, Penn St or Ohio St?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by 2314, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. (I can't believe this hasn't been brought up yet) At first thought I would say Ohio State to give PSU a loss. However, we all know the Big 10 will get one team in. I say maybe we should want Penn State to win to give the political darlings two losses and no chance to get in. Penn St will probably run the table after the Ohio State game. And, if Ohio St wins, PSU won't drop much and the political darlings might pass us and both will be ahead of us.

    What say y'all?
  2. Wouldn't mind being ranked #3 and playing PSU in the 2/3 playoff match-up. I think they are beatable. #3 is as high of a ranking as TCU will get until it wins the SOB (minus some slip-ups from those ahead of us).
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  3. I don't think it really matters. I think this game eliminates the loser from playoff contention and all but guarantees the other makes it.
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  4. I don't think it matters much either way - I think they get in 1 team no matter what.

    That said, I can't stand Penn State - we don't hear much about them in Texas but the cultish nature of their fanbase makes Aggy look normal.
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  5. Penn state to win but somehow Ohio State to win the division- Penn state has to lose 2 more games.

    We need Wisconsin to come out of the other division with 1 loss.

    Bottom line, I want the Big 10 champion to have at least 2 losses.
  6. I think we need Ohio State to lose. Need to get some teams picking up that 2nd loss in these next few weeks. The more 2 loss teams, the better.
  7. scheiss Pedo St. Only university I have hatred for close to that of Waco Institute of Rape and Dorkery.

    That said... given that Wisky will hike up her dress and prepare her anus for the East champion in the B1G title game again, I think we have to consider what scenario would give the Fraud Committee an excuse to let in two B1G teams. I think that, if tOSU beats the Pedos in a close game and finishes 12-1, then they are in and there's an excuse for Pedo at 11-1. If the Pedophiles win, then tOSU has two losses and is done. As fraudulent as this Committee is, even they can't put in a two-loss team over one-loss champs*. So I will grudgingly hold my nose and hope for a Pedo victory.

    *I think. But given the fraud level on the Committee, anything's possible.
  8. Penn State. Don't need either to be a one-loss team sitting out of the B10 title game, begging the committee to make that choice again. Of course, I say this with the assumption that either will destroy Wisconsin, taking them out of the picture altogether.
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    I think we want Ohio state to win against penn state and then potentially lose to Michigan or Michigan state. If that happens they would still win the division but with two total losses.
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  10. Penn State, definitely. Giving Ohio State a second loss would clear them out from the playoff discussion, whereas Penn State, Ohio State, and Wisconsin all with 1-loss makes things murkier.
  11. At this point, barring the obvious huge upset, doesn't look likely in Big 10 between Penn St, Ohio St and Wisconsin.

    With Michigan being a bad team, not a lot of danger. Michigan St is WAY overrated based on their win against Michigan.

    When looking for two losses, need to start rooting against Notre Dame, Clemson, Miami and Washington. And would be very nice for Georgia to lose a game so that they get to two losses after losing to Bama in CCG.

    Right now, I don't see a realistic scenario where TCU gets in with one loss.
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  12. Ohio State. Would love for our #3 team to have beaten the BIG champs on their own field.
  13. penn st. the committee owes them for last year, and i can totally see them placing both one-loss osu and penn state in the playoffs if there are no unbeaten teams (other than, perhaps bama).

    osu loses, they are out. they win, they probably jump us even with one loss.
  14. Wow. short memory
  15. Mich and Mich St won't beat Ohio State based on what people who actually watch games have seen so far. You may want to rethink.
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  16. nice point but kind of shortsighted.
  17. this is why I am leaning toward cheering for PSU
  18. Sigh. Ok, I’ll play. How is that shortsighted?
  19. Uh, are you new to college football? See last year; see 2014; see the other posts.

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