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Where do we end up...? Poll

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by The Bad Guy, Jul 22, 2021.


What conference does TCU end up in?

  1. Stay in the Big 12

    51 vote(s)
  2. PAC 16

    98 vote(s)
  3. Big 10

    2 vote(s)
  4. ACC

    15 vote(s)
  5. AAC/Mountain West/Conference USA

    64 vote(s)
  6. Independent

    1 vote(s)
  1. still there, gary's comments have been fairly clear that the dollars weren't going away, but that they weren't going to go up similar to that of the sec, big10, and acc.

    how in the world is texas running lean at this time unless the issue is not keeping up with their big 12 peers, but instead trying to keep up with the spending of the sec schools.
  2. A. I don't think the PAC-12 is close to extinction and B. even if so I don't think any Big 12 adds would save it. I do recognize their precarious position, but any expansion model has to first and foremost make financial sense. If not I just can't see the votes being there.
  3. The smart money right now should be on the B12 holding together as a renamed closet version of the AAC. This is going to be a merger of some sort with the AAC. The question is will it be a complete merger or just a raiding of 4-6 programs? I could see either of those happening. Now if one of the present B12 teams (looking at you KU) jets quickly, all bets are off
  4. you are right, the pac has no reason to change because their current course of action is working so well for them financially. like say, wazzu's 100M deficit...

    fairly certain though any of those deficits are short term and some gone after the revenue brought in from last year's football season right? oh wait.....
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  5. I didn't say it was working so well. I am questioning whether adding four Big 12 teams solves those financial issues, or perhaps even makes them worse. If it doesn't solve them or makes the bottom line numbers worse, I have a tough time seeing that they will have the votes for expansion.
  6. Tight results currently:

    44 PAC 16
    43 Debbie Downers
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    The P12 desperately needs to move their viewership from almost a solely 60,000,000 MKT to the CST viewership too, which could help increase viewership contracts up significantly... while also increasing interest in their own existing football MKT.
  8. I get that in theory; I'm not sure in practice it will improve the bottom line enough. Maybe it will when they come up with the model and get their consultant's research. But it is far from a sure thing.
  9. Bottom line, the PAC 16 won’t happen unless the money is there for it to happen. End of story.
  10. Bold
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  11. I didn't go to TCU, but I adopted the team when I moved here in 92 and almost everyone I know who lives in this area supports the Frogs even though they didn't attend. I think TCU has a lot more support from the community than some of you guys seem to think. I say yes that TCU definitely pulls more viewers in DFW than Tech does.
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  12. A number of fascinating points here...

    Yet, 1.) Is this 'UT and OU to the SEC' thing a done deal? All inked and blotted? Nothing left to do but grab some Scotch and a good cigar?

    2.) If #1 is indeed a done deal, the the BIGXII is Dead Conference Walking. It was essentially a vehicle to showcase UT anyway, and if that's done, well...

    3.) Del Conte had to have been the prime mover here. I can't see that guy taking a back seat to anybody in full negotiating mode. I find it curious that he didn't give his old buddy Donati a heads up on all this. Maybe he did. Maybe there's some things already percolating that we have no knowledge of. You know, like this UT OU thing 48 hours ago...

    4.) Everybody is fixated on ESPN/Disney in terms of broadcast rights. They're not the only game in town anymore. Amazon, YouTube, Netflix, all have the need for content, and have a zillion subscribers who will be ecstatic to get games without the ESPN baggage (5 minute commercial breaks, with the Same Damned Ads). They don't have to adhere to the normal rules of syndication/local broadcast/etc. They can do what they damned well please.

    5.) Merge the PAC with the headless corpse of the BIGXII. Cut loose some deadwood (Baylor). Call it the Great Western Conference, or better, the Biggest Football Determinant*. Work out a Tier 1 arrangement with Amazon, or whoever. Profit!

    *Who doesn't want to be in the BFD?
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  13. Were ESPN's & Fox's refusal to negotiate a "triggering event," or were they already aware of UT's & OU's flirtation with the SEC.
    I can't keep the timeline of all of these realignment events over the years straight.
  14. cdc was not the prime mover here since this has been a desire of texas since the mild 90's. heck, he might have been there just to take hicks' coffee order and he might have been working the back channels but the push for this comes from the texas regents and the bmd's
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  15. The Pac 12 has a network. They have series of channels. There is only so much television they can fill with their current slate, and they aren't getting views outside of their immediate areas. There might be a deal to be made!
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  16. Oh, I understand the desire to seek Greener Pastures from the UT folk. It's what led to the BIGXII in the first place, and also the strange flirtation with the PAC back in the day. Yet, in each of those scenarios, UT was the prime mover and ultimate boss of the situation. DeLoss shook off the PAC thing when he realized he wouldn't be the Satrap of the new arrangement.

    UT and OU will be taking subordinate positions in any arrangement with the SEC. Otherwise the old mossbacks of the Conference would never really consider it. That 3/4 vote on the matter makes this a must, in that A&M is already a solid NO. CDC is not DeLoss, in that his ego is simply not as titanic. He'll take any deal like this, in that he cements his legacy as The Man Who Sold UT to The SEC. Obviously they all feel that this makes the SEC far and away the Premier Conference, and that they would never have made such a deal if they didn't already have the tacit approval of ESPN/Disney. Everything else becomes a sideshow.
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    I hope you are right that the Texas schools solidify. It's our best chance if the Twelve bust up, IMO.

    Most of this board I'm sure would like to see Baylor wandering alone in the desert but I've always advocated that TCU-Baylor is in our long term interest - yea, they did screw us royally back in 1994. BU is better for us geographically and competitively than K-State (ultimately, K-St and ISU are TCU-BU's competition if the Pac decides to go to 16).

    TT makes me limp and their positioning themselves as "much improved academically" and "getting more TV eyeballs" in DFW and Houston, and a "non-church/public school" all are good for them (and maybe true to some extent) but they add no class (and more re-t*rds per capita than BU - I'd bet.)

    In the case of a 12 bust-up, OkieSt/T.Boone Memorial Univ WILL find a Power 4/5 home. That is WHO we need to align with. What THEY tell the PAC leadership as to invitations will have impact.
  18. PAC 16 is on our non-conf Schedule 5 years In-a-row starting last year. Just makes you wonder if that was by design.
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  19. Screw Baylor. There's not a single redeeming aspect of that swollen leech (well, maybe the Law School) that is worth associating with. Given the chance, they should be booted to oblivion.

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