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Where are the morons...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frognosticator, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Who said we’d go 0-18 in basketball this year?

    3-0, tied for first place. Nice start. And yes, I know we’ve played the worst teams in the conference, but we beat them.
  2. Texas might be worse than those three.
  3. Even if Baylor wins the most games, they're still the worst.
  4. Did anyone really say we wouldn’t win a single game?...
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  5. If you’re looking for morons you’ve come to the right place.
  6. I’m not “sure” anyone said we wouldn’t win a conference game just that they wouldn’t be “surprised” if we didn’t win any. I said we weren’t going to be the worst team in the conference but several posters thought I was crazy.
  7. “Socrates? Plato? Aristotle?

  8. It's only January 11th and we already have a contender for worst thread of the year.

    Good job big12...er...I mean Frognosticator.

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  9. Yeah, but don't we get to play those same three teams again before the season's over? If we would win those, it would be six wins, and add two from UT and we're up to 8 wins this year. No wonder I feels so good.
  10. This thread will go to 11.
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  11. Only "if Frank Sinatra says it's okay".

    RIP Bruno Kirby. Goodness, he died in 2006.
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  12. I was talking to a local about guy who is a true UT big money donor about their basketball team. He wants Shaka gone, and as soon as possible. He's waiting to see what CDC is going to do about it. I suggested that CDC was good at answering tweets, but was probably spending his time looking for the next step up on his career ladder. This guy said, "there is no better job than Texas." He is also not real pleased with the football coach. Said UT should not be picking coaches out of the lesser conferences. The delusion is everywhere.
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  13. We win at least 1 or 2 more at home against the others and we’re golden.
  14. If anyone knows where the morons like to hang out, it's you.
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  15. We are a strong player for top half of the league. We are not great but we are not bad.
  16. Iowa State is blowing out OU currently. We are as good or better then KSU, OSU, ISU, UT, and OU. I see 5 or 6 as a strong possibility right now.
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  17. Yes. It’s somewhere on Lovers Lane.
  18. The way other teams shoot in the conference as well plus the way we seem to be committed to defense, I think 8 is a real possibility.
  19. We are going 11-5 or 10-6.
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