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When you say "flyby"... (Attn. J. Donati)

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BrewingFrog, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Some Welsh Highland scenery...

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  2. 2 things:

    1. The F-14 is the greatest aircraft ever bestowed upon us by God himself.

    2. In the 2007 Armed Forces Bowl there was a B1 flyover, south to north. It was epic as darn.
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  3. Rangers home openers have occasionally featured a B1 as well. Like the formation F16s, but the audio of a low B1 flyover is my favorite.
  4. They need to up the ante and have an F35 "hover over." Even dip into the stadium and scream everyone's ears off. It would be epic.
  5. Both have the same engine so yes it Exactly like is a 4 ship of F-16s noise wise.
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  6. #1 is demonstrably false. Frog fountain? ....for scotch, cigar and a debate?
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  7. Remarkable cinematography
  8. Wait.
    Same engine?
  9. More Tornadoes, Rafales, Typhoons, too many T1 trainers, Eagles, Ospreys, a fake F117 bomb run, Falcons, a Chinook, C17, A400, some RAF Texans Trainers (I think)...

  10. The F16 is version is a slight variant of the engine oringally produced for the B1. But the B1 has 4 :D
  11. Sure thing. Nothing to debate, I just love the F14. But would love to chat about it all.
  12. I
    I think they are technically different engines but F-16 engine (F110) is derivative of B-1 (F101). Same core,different fan/AB configuration according to my sources (some google, some insider scoop) and memory. Not to worry, Deep will correct us this evening.

    Edit: what RT said
  13. way back there we used to sit in front of what we called the Student Union, looking west over the great big parking lot between us and the stadium, and watch the B-36'es take off from Carswell heading south. They said there were B=36'es in the air 24 hours a day to protect us from Russia. I guess it worked, as Russia never attacked. The B-36s had huge swept back wings with three big propeller engines on each wing. At that time, the latest thing.
  14. 6 “rear facing” props and an outrigger jet engine on the end. Strangely cool looking bomber.

    We used have keg parties over on the hills overlooking Eagle Mountain lake and watch shot up Buffs come back from Vietnam to be repaired at Carswell.
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  15. The YB 49 XB 35 were the precursors to the B2...

  16. 4 burning and 6 turning.

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  17. I submit, given the context of the time it was introduced, that the P-51 Mustang deserves that distinction. The B-17 crews sure liked it, and unlike the F-14s, there are a lot of Mustangs still flying.
  18. That’s a helluva good memory tho I might differ on the “swept” wings.
  19. I remember reading on some of the USAF Veterans forums of the brown-shoe boys who maintained that old girl & her 336 spark plugs. Some claimed a few crew chiefs actually perfected the gaps & timing on all 336 but I’m guessing those were legends or, if true, those poor schmuckes had either absolutely no lives, vices or time off.

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