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When you say "flyby"... (Attn. J. Donati)

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BrewingFrog, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Sure, we've had some jets fly over. Some cool old WWII birds. But, we've never had the B-ONE!

    To add a small explanation, the vid gives little perspective. The B-1B is a LARGE aircraft, and the engines are titanically loud. To see these guys yanking that beast around in the sky is breathtaking! Additionally, this aircraft and crew are based out of Dyess AFB over in Abilene. Just a short flight away...
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  2. Maybe we could also pay to have it do a bombing mission 90 miles South.
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  3. Naah. Nuke the site from orbit...
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  4. Nevermind. I thought this thread was about cropdusting.
  5. At Wings Over Houston down at Ellington they had an F 18 flying in front of the crowd, while all eyes were on it they snuck one in from behind at just below Mach1. Couldn’t here a thing, suddenly your eyes are registering something moving very fast and before you realize what I was it’s gone and the sound hits you. The PA announces, “that is the sound you wouldn’t hear in a war since you’d be dead”.
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. Ah yes, the B-1. The bomber that was obsolete almost by the time it went into production. Designed during the Jimmy Carter era for the now-defunct Strategic Air Command, it was quickly overtaken by emerging stealth technology, which it lacked. It couldn't carry the weapons payload of a B-52 and surpassed that venerable old veteran only in speed.

    With its redesign as the B-1B during the 1980s, it lost even that advantage. Shifting its role from a strategic bomber to a multi-role platform, the Air Force reduced its speed from supersonic to high subsonic, making it more comparable to the B-52, but without the payload capacity. A B-52 retrofitted with the same mission electronics package still provides more bang for the buck.

    The B-1 was a taxpayer boondogel from the outset.
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    Not sure of the veracity of this...

  9. It's spelled "boondoggle" big guy...*

    They've kept it around for a reason. Not just because it's cool, but because it has a lot of interesting capabilities thanks to a rotary weapons mount that allows mission customizable weapons loadouts. With a bay full of different smart weapons, it becomes a much more capable animal than the venerable old BUFF, and it gets places awfully fast...

    *Yeah, it was a typo. But, I never get to correct mighty DEEP!
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    For old time's sake. TCU at Navy, 2000:
  11. Incredible aircraft. If you really want to thank their pilots and/or support crews, get to Stillwater BBQ in Abilene at about 11:00 AM on any weekday. You can buy a USAF B1 crew (or maybe a F16) their lunch. Then prepare yourself for your own top 3 plate of Texas BBQ. You’ll leave smiling for several reasons.
  12. @BrewingFrog - The B-1 is impressive. But I dig the profile of a B-2 roaring overhead. Video doesn't do it justice. It's like Batman comin' to getcha. (I like the second pass here at about 1:45)

  13. Co-sign on the bbq and the B-1 support. Happen to have a dog in that fight.
    P.S. F-16s don’t have a crew #singleseat
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  14. I’ll take Hot aviation takes from pedistrians for $400 Alex.
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    I stand corrected on the payload issue, Hoosier. and a tip of that hat for a point well made.

    I would add that the cost differential between the B-1B and the B-52 exceeds the payload differential by many factors. So cost-effectiveness remains a crucial difference between the two.
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    Not according to spellcheck, Big Guy.

    I'm just spitballing here, but I'm pretty sure that one reason the Air Force kept it around wasn't "just because it's cool."

    A pretty cogent reason for keeping it around was because the DoD needed to justify the inordinately expensive cost of developing and producing the plane on the eve on an entirely new generation of military aircraft technology that the B-1B lacked. It was a short-sighted decision and the Air Force had to put the best face on it.

    Retrofitted B-52s have largely the same capacity for rotary weapons, smart weapons, and customizable payloads as the B-1B at a fraction of the cost. And the subsonic B-1B doesn't get places much faster than the B-52.

    I suspect you're being lulled by the appearance of the B-1B. Well guess what? A Chevrolet Corvette looks sleeker and "cooler" that a Tesla Model S, but doesn't have any greater acceleration and barely more speed.

    There's an old saying about a book and its cover. I'm sure you know it.
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  19. Morning of the Rose Bowl. Mrs. Brewingfrog and I were trying to get ready for the pre-game buffet and bar, while dealing with near-fatal hangovers, when she stopped and pointed out the window of the hotel. "Honey..." she said in wonder. I looked out in the direction she was pointing, and there was the B-2 sailing along the Rose Parade route in the bright morning sunlight. Breathtaking.

    After a couple of Bloodys later on that morning on the golf course next to the Stadium (purely medicinal, of course...), she observed: "Stealth. Heh. Everybody could see it!"
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