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    What do you usually do to kill time with friends and relatives? Reading books, watching movies, listening to music is one of the most common ways to reduce stress. Playing games is also an excellent way for you to waste time with your friends. Today, there are many games for everyone to choose: online games, offline games, web games, etc. More and more professional tournaments are being organised around the world, and playing games is gradually becoming the jobs of many people.

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    Browser games are one of the favourite genres of many people, as they do not require download and you can play them directly on your PC without signing up for an account. Browser games provide players with a variety of games such as action, adventure, puzzle, etc. Action and adventure games bring players unforgettable experiences because players have the opportunity to challenge their abilities. Shooting games give players the opportunity to practice their shooting skills and fast reflect. Puzzle games help players to practise brainpower and logical thinking. Today, I will introduce you to free online games with no download or installation needed. I am sure you will have fun and relaxing moments with friends and relatives.

    Geometry Dash Online

    One of the best skill games of all time you can play

    Geometry Dash Online is a great choice if you are a fan of skill games. This can be considered one of the most addictive free online skill games with no download required you can find on the Internet. The super realistic graphics of Geometry Dash Online make players cannot take their eyes from the screen. The gameplay is smooth but to overcome all the challenges in the game is not easy. You have to have superior skills and great reflexes. The task of the players is to control a yellow square and jump to overcome all the challenges in the game. If you have a passion for listening to music, Geometry Dash Online can make you addicted. The music of the game is EDM- an addictive kind of music around the world. The speed of the game is so fast that it requires the players to focus on the game entirely to manage the squares very skillfully. The game also offers players many levels so that they can express their abilities. Turn on your PC and enjoy Geometry Dash Online right away, it will not disappoint you.

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    Silly Snakes.io

    [​IMG]Other version of Slither.io to relax on PC
    Silly Snakes.io will be a must try free online game with no download required you should try if you are a fan of Slither.io which is already well known in the world. The gameplay of Silly Snake is similar to Slither.io, the task of the players is to control a snake very cleverly to become the longest snake in the game. The feeling of being a champion and topping the ranking table will leave you with unforgettable impressions. The graphics of the game are quite lively, the snakes with silly faces will make you laugh. The rank at the bottom right of the screen indicates your ability and level. Try to get the highest position. This is a multiplayer game so you can show off your skills and ingenuity to defeat the enemy.

    Piano Tiles 2 Online

    The piano is one of the most popular instruments in the world because of its melodious sound. And Piano is also one of the most popular free online single player games in the world. This game is usually played on mobile, but today I will introduce to you Piano Tiles 2 Online which you can enjoy right on your PC. Piano Tiles 2 Online can be considered a perfect combination of skill games and music games. The graphics are pretty simple, and the gameplay is straightforward.

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    The players' task is to tap on the black piano keys that are moving very fast on the screen. If you want to achieve a high score and become the winner, you must have excellent skills and reflexes, and practising is also an essential factor for success. As the game progresses, the speed of the keys will increase, and the difficulty of the game will also improve, so the game requires you to have more excellent skills. The songs in the game are both famous and addictive songs. So they can help you to reduce a lot of stress. Piano Tiles 2 Online is one of the most free online fantastic skill games with no download needed for mobile and mac browsers.


    Shooting games are always one of the most favourite games in the world. Shooting games always give players great moments and an unforgettable experience. They make players always try to think of reasonable strategies to defeat the enemy. If you are a big fan of shooting games, Killz.io is a hint for you. In the game, you will have to fight with hundreds of professional shooters from around the world. Use your brains to become the champion of the game. Because this is a game io, the graphics of this free online game is not too lively, but it does not mean that Killz.io is not attractive to players. The left side of the screen is the rank which indicates your shooting skills. Do not wait, turn on the computer or macbook and try Killz.io right away.

    Valerian Space Run

    The most running game you can find on the Internet
    You are hunting for an adventure game which requires superior skills to win. Valerian Space Run is the game for you. Background in the game is a futuristic world where you will face many challenges. Valerian Space Run is a combination of adventure games and skill games. The gameplay is quite similar to Temple Run or Subway - 2 extremely famous running games. The players' task is to control the character jumping over or sliding through the barriers to reach the finish line. To complete the never-ending obstacles, you have to use skills and ingenuity, which are the key factors that make you a champion.

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    Valerian Space Run offers excellent graphics and sound effects giving players the memorable experience. They will leave you a deep impression when you play the game in the first time. Valerian Space Run attracts tens of thousands of gamers every day and the game also receives much positive feedback from players and professionals. The game is completely free and online, so you can play it directly on PC without downloading.

    Space Battle

    The amazing graphics of the games can make you addicted
    Would you like to watch science fiction movies, if you have undoubtedly seen the fierce battle between humans and aliens? If you are a fan of science fiction, Space Battle is a game you should not miss. The game's context is a war between multiple planets in the Milky Way, where all creatures in many planets fight to become the dominant Milky Way. The battle is fierce so you have to concentrate on the screen to defeat the enemy. You have to control the spaceship, dodge the meteors and shut down the other ships. The number of enemy battleships is enormous, which requires you have perfect shooting skills. Do not take your eyes off the screen during the match if you do not want to be a loser. Graphics and sound can be considered the greatest strengths of Space Battle. They give players the feeling that they are fighting with real creatures. If you lose the game when you play for the first time, do not worry, training is the key to becoming good game players. Space Battle is one of the most exciting free online games I play on the Internet.
    These are one of the best no flash player games for you to enjoy now.

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