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What year will TCU Football win 10 games next?

Limey Frog

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I'm going to be optimistic and say 2023. I think we're more talented than recent records indicate, I think Dykes can/will form a quality staff, and I think recruiting to TCU from high schools and the portal will be feasible enough to make winning in the new Big XII very possible.




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Billy Napier suddenly has a change of mind and drops in as the new TCU Football Coach.
He is given a large budget for assistants and hires only the best, including his new DC with a moustache, Larry Matterson.
TCU wins no less than 10 games a year for the next decade, along with 4 NCs and becomes the envy of the posh private university clique; Stanford, Rice, Vanderbilt etc... Baylor and SMU weep and gnash their teeth daily at TCU's indomitable and well-deserved success. The TCU endowment skyrockets 100 fold, TCU enrollment quadruples, including the new medical, engineering and law school facilities, and the showgirls become the universally acknowledged best dance show in the universe.

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The End. /cocaine

Sangria Wine

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Well since we’re gonna review this post later, where is your prediction?
I’m saying 2026 season. And I’ll even explain my reasoning.

I feel like we are all about to see all the schemes changed completely which will mean we will lack personnel to succeed. We are going to try to fix that via the transfer portal and deal with a combination of other programs trouble and one year wonders to go along with freshmen getting tossed into action way too soon. And this ain’t the American, it’s the Big 12 so that dog won’t hunt quite as well. There’s a reason the national championship contenders aren’t working the portal for anything more than a few pieces to compliment their superior traditional recruits.
Ole Miss just won 10 regular season games for the first time school history. Guess 10 wins aren't so easy to come by.
I heard that during last night's telecast and it really surprised me. Not that Ole Miss has ever been a powerhouse, but the school has been playing football since 1893. Unless we get back to seeing really good defense again, it might be a very long time. Hope I live long enough to see it happen again.