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What the heck happened to CDC....Austin did

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. I think he is on something here....

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  2. Wow - is he living on the streets these days? Very unkept
  3. There's an old military term for this: "Going Native"
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  4. Looks like under a bridge...
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  5. Quarantine Beard is real for a lot of folks.
  6. A very small beard can still seal when donning a mask - not that thing.
  7. The man couldn't walk past a mirror without stopping to adjust his tie or fix that one hair that was out of place. Glad he has relaxed a little, but wow that is a huge change for him.
  8. I've seen squirrels with better facial hair.
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  9. That is not the CDC we knew.
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  10. It’s a thing with the UT athletes... told them he wouldn’t shave until they could play again....
  11. He's been hanging out with this guy too much...

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  12. What’s the slang term for homeless on sixth street? Drag Rat? Man, what a few years in Austin will do to some people.
  13. Please tell me that’s for some quirky role.
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  14. Mensa growing on CDC
  15. Coachella
  16. yeah, for the “Beach Bum” in 2019. Not a very good movie. But MOC is the dude.
  17. Ah ok. I was hoping he wasn’t that weird. And yeah that movie looks awful.
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  18. hey now, the movie made almost $5M at the box office which would have been great for a charlie chaplin movie

    granted, in modern dollars that is less than mensa's contract so the old minister of culture at ut do a movie for his fan instead of the money. thing is it might have one of lowest fan scores i can recall on rotten tomatoes

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