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What Killerfrogs has meant to mef

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. AMEN, it's been a great ride............and, we're still riding!
  2. Kf.c reconnected me to my best friend while I was attending TCU, and I have you to thank for that, Wes!

    Everyone who posts here or just hovers and reads have you to thank for this social gathering place.

    Very few people on this Earth have touched as many lives as you have. Be proud, my friend.

    I hope to see you soon - all the best to the very best!

    Go Frogs!
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  3. Thanks Wes. Well said.

    Except for the kind words about Navy and Steel, I agree.


    For those that don't know, Navyfrog and I go back through many home games and Bowl trips.

    Steel and I tailgate together and have actually had a case against each other.

    Wes is right, KFC has expanded my family well beyond what it would have been but for this forum.
  4. Wes, the manner in which a person conducts themself when confronted with an arduous situation

    is a true mark of character. The composure you have exhibited during your ordeal has been exemplary

    and an inspiration to us all. May God Bless You
  5. You are an inspiration and a lesson in character to all of us. A true example of a Texan. Go Frogs!
  6. I feel the love in your words, Wes, and I hope you feel it back in ours. Like Hoosier Frog, I'm stranded in the upper Midwest and would have a very difficult time keeping up with all things TCU, especially my Frogs, without this forum. I'm sure you've done many things in this life that have brought happiness to people, but probably none so great as Killer Frogs. God bless you my friend
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  7. Thanks for the great afternoon yesterday and for the site. See ya soon
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  8. It’s always a pleasure to see you my friend
  9. You are special to so many on this site-YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT SIR. #respect
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  10. I don’t know you, Wes.. I’m not in Ft. Worth although I get to most home games. But I follow you with interest and respect. I thank you for all you have done and will do. This, I think, has become your life.. but your endeavor has so involved so many more of us. Thanks! Bob
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  11. Froglaw, Steel don't know if you remember, but when Steel was young, we met at your RH&B place on Central; you actually introduced Steel to kfc, and Steel was an "early adopter" of your gear, buying one of your Hell's Half Acre ballcaps.

    Steel's early relationship with Wes and Scotty was a rocky one, and then along came Righthaven, which while a scourge on the internet, brought Steel together with Wes and Scotty to fight a common enemy. And the rest is history.

    Incidentally, it was in our lawsuit that the argument was first advanced that Righthaven's claimed "assignment" was not valid as Nevada is the only state in the US that still recognizes "champerty", which means the claimed assignment was invalid. This argument was quickly seized upon by the other defendants in the hundreds of other cases, which led ultimately to the bankruptcy of the company:

  12. We love and appreciate you, Wes! Thanks for KFC.
  13. God bless you, Wes.
  14. will never for forget finding Online With The Horned Frogs in the mid '90s and one of the very first handles was Tired of Frank. Thanks Wes.
  15. It’s been my pleasure
  16. It has been great ride. Many relationships formed and sad to see a few those that passed on.
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