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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. ibwas recently asked what Killerfrogs has meant to me the. It’s a good question but an easy one to answer

    When the site started 22 years ago, the intent was to give TCU fans a place to hang out and talk about our favorite topic

    Beyond that and on a personal level it has allowed me the opportunity to makfriends with people whose paths I might never have crossed, if it weren’t for KFC

    People likes Scott Nix who became one of my dearest friends and whose death rocked me to mycore. I’m fact the entire Nix family who I am proud to say have made me an honorary Nix and I could be more honored to have two more brothers WC ANDPreston as well as a sister Tammy as well as nieces and nephews like WC’s and Scotty’s kids

    They are my family

    But there are many more. That KFC PutME TOGETHER WITH. Navy Frog who just left y house an hour ago, steelFrog, yeah he’s a great guy . Smart as a whip but a wicked sense of humor.

    The great Steve Stamp, Shannon Brazzell, Steve Wilson, all former players.i never mike Dryiwould have met them otherwiseim leaving out some.

    Te people on KFC HAVE NURSED ME THROUGH THE DEATH OF MY PARENTS, a divorce, the death of my son and are helping me through my current health crisis

    Some have shared their stories about similar situations bthey have encountered and I deeply appreciate that as it has helped me gain perspective as well as advice on how to handle things

    You’ve been my friends my family and my support. Group and I probably couldn’t be here today without your help and I am forever grateful for that

    The site has given me the opportunity to give back to Horned Frogs and do some good like in the case of Micah Ahern

    One of my proudest days was to give Cooks children’s hospital the proceeds from the sale of over1000 super Hero Micah Ahern caps. Very are not a charity and dontpretend to be but we can do charitable things like raise money to help fight Neurobladtoma and it’s an honor to do so

    Horned Frogs helping Horned Frogs, the way it ought to be

    So ehat has Killerfrogs meant to me? It’s given me the biggest a family’s aguy could hope for
    Thank you

    Speaking of Micah, we’re going to have some great giveaways and raffles for boots and other items but probably not until the spring but I got the ok from the boot company for one pair as well as a discount on any pair you may want to buy

    I’ll announce the name of the company as we get closer as we get closer to doing it but all proceeds go to Cooks in Micah’s name

    Thanks to all of you for this
  2. Love you Wes.
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  3. Good on ya’ Wes. Stay strong and thanks for sharing...it will definitely brighten people’s day and appreciation of KF and TCU.
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  4. Thanks buddy
  5. Thanks
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  6. Wow! This is awesome Wes! Just like you!
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  7. Our friend...we are so proud to know you.

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    Thank you Wes. And KF.c has meant so many wasted hours to so many hard working people.

    In all seriousness, you'll never know how many folks you've positively impacted and how many friendships you've created just through KF.c.

    Oh, and one more thing...THANK YOU for the Hover Helmet a couple years ago. The single greatest addition to my small shipping & mailing store here in SW Austin.

  9. Good stuff Wes,
  10. The GOAT! Miss ya, buddy.
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  11. Hang in there Wes!
  12. Thanks DF
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  14. O
    h thanks those were fun. We gave one to little Abby Fabre, the young girl that Boykin knealt next to when was wheeled out to midfield before a game, her dad told me was mesmerized by it

    Doing things like that Makes me happy andknowing that she liked it that muchmakrs it bettet
    you make me blush
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  15. And it you got married with same day service!
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  16. You’ll likely never know the positive effect your efforts have had on so many. I know that as an expat Texan living in Hoosierville, KFC has given me a way of staying rooted in Texas and especially with staying close to all things TCU, which I otherwise would not have. One thing you won’t ever have to wonder about is whether you have made a positive impact on people. Rest assured you do and have!

    God bless.
  17. Cheers Wes! Here’s to you pal.
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  18. Hasn't this been fun.
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  19. Wes:
    WE are PRIVILEGED to know YOU!

    In 22 years I've been "called down" only once by you. So I believe I've been a pretty good citizen of what I call "the frog board."

    Maybe you should run for President (of the US that is.) You'd get my vote.
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  20. We lower office productivity with the best of them

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