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What is TECH whining about???

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They would be offended by that. Because they are soft.
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I know no one reads articles so here’s a key quote:

In a routine, weekly process, Big 12 coaches are allowed to send questions and videos of plays to Big 12 coordinator of officials Greg Burks for discussion regarding rules, interpretations and whether plays were adjudicated correctly. During his weekly press conference two days after the Tech-TCU game, McGuire said the number of plays or questions about rules interpretations his staff sent in for review was "close to 12," which he described as a higher number than usual. The A-J's open-records request attempts to make those exchanges public.

I’m sure the Big 12 doesn’t want its answers to those questions out. But I’d think the questions themselves are fair to be made public.

Anyways, back to bashing Tech. The list of 12 questions should read:

1. How?
2. Are we so pathetic?
3. That we couldn’t get?
4. The son of our legendary?
5. Head coach Spike Dykes that grew up here?
6. Who played at and graduated from Texas Tech?
7. And half of whose family lives in Lubbock?
8. To come coach here?
9. And make us 12-0
10. And going to the Playoff?
11. And who’s this doofus high school coach we hired?
12. [uncontrollable sobs]

Big 12 Office:
We see you answered your own questions. Thank you and good day.


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That’s what I was thinking. Didn’t see as many Tech fans in the stands as we usually do. The Tech band was in the NW upper deck with not a soul near them.
Away teams are given an allocation of tickets, some of which were used on their band. Apparently, Tceh could not sell their allotment, so they shouldn't [ hundin] about lack of tickets.

Also, if the result of the ticket policy was less STD-laden trash at ACS, then I say this should be our policy going forward.