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What Happened to FWISD?

Discussion in 'Hell's Half Acre' started by researchfrog, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. So I was looking at the Texas list of National Merit Semifinalists today and I noticed something very interesting. There were only three FWISD students on the list. (Two at Paschal and one at Benbrook.) Dallas had 15, mostly at the GT and STEM magnets, but one at Woodrow Wilson and another at Booker T. It's not like there was an offsetting increase at Fort Worth schools like Harmony, FWAFA, or the privates. I'm scratching my head. Was it just a bad year for this test? I note that, e.g., Aledo didn't have any at all.
  2. Don't have a answer, but College Board has been beefing up and revising all AP course exams over the last 10 years....Maybe in the last two or three, the NMSQT has been revised as well....Universities had driven the CB to strengthen the exams in order to reduce the number of placement students in order to keep instructors and TAs employed....
  3. Most of the smart kids go private in FW? Fwisd is a wasteland of mismanagement with few bright spots.
  4. The PSAT was easier last year. So the curve was unusually harsh. Where someone might be able to miss 6-7 questions in a normal year and make the selection index cut, this year they could miss around 3. Because of this, it could just be an off year.
  5. We would have 15 plus from Paschal back in the day
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    Anyone with means pulled their kids out of FWISD and into Private schools years ago. The FWISD student population is now majority minority (even though the city population is nowhere near such.) White flight in action.

    For 2021:
    All Saints had 1.
    Trinity Valley has 3.

    Check out also the "Texas Academy of Math and Science" in Denton (57 NM scholars!). Back in my day, I went to the FWISD equivalent of this school, which produced 7 NM scholars out of a class of ~50. But FWISD closed all the specialized magnet schools years ago. When the magnet high schools were closed, many of those teachers went to Paschal and taught there until they retired.
  7. Does this guy know how to party or what!!??
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  8. It is an extremely subtle, minor humble brag. Think about why I would be looking at it.
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  9. I am fairly confident that the city of fort worth has a majority minority population.
  10. White (Non-Hispanic): 39.4 percent
    Black (Non-Hispanic): 17.7 percent
    Hispanic (All Races): 36.1 percent
    Other Race (Non-Hispanic): 6.8 percent
  11. His username checks out
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  12. This is FWISD's demographic breakdown from last year.

    Hispanic 52,661 63.53%
    African American 18,113 21.85%
    White 9,158 11.05%
    Asian 1,414 1.71%
    Two or more races 1,420 1.71%
    American Indian/Alask 73 0.09%
    Hawaiian/Pacific Island 52 0.06%
    82,891 100.00%

    From the Census Dept, this is Fort Worth's demographic breakdown.

    Race and Hispanic Origin
    White alone, percent
    Black or African American alone, percent(a)
    American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a)
    Asian alone, percent(a)
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent(a)
    Two or More Races, percent
    Hispanic or Latino, percent(b)
    White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent

    Given that the youth demographics may vary from the overall, it's not perfect, but this looks like a stereotypical example of white and Asian flight from a bad district.
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  13. Meh, I had one smart kid go through Paschal and have another one there now. Good experience with both and the price is right.
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  14. Clearly!
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  15. Paschal, like pretty much any school, is just fine if the parents keep priorities in place. The problem with Paschal is it is extremely segregated, was unreal the racial and academic divide in that school when I did some student teaching there.
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  16. Can’t disagree. Two schools in one.
  17. Why is it every time you post I feel like you are saying something we shouldn't talk about? Rule #1 do not talk about Paschal High School? Rule #2.........
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