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What can I post in The Bar?

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by TxFrog1999, Jul 15, 2020.

  1. The Bar is a place where you can discuss your favorite movies or TV shows, your love for accordion music, what alcohol makes the best mixed drink, which hand rolled cigar is best to smoke in the Oval Office, which KPOP group would dominate the Billboard, or even which MLB team has the best cheerleaders.

    We'll add to this list as members come up with new suggestions that fit The Bar.

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  2. I'm not a partaker myself, but if alcohol and cigars are fair game, are our friends (perhaps in Colorado or Washington) allowed to discuss....erm....herbal supplements?
  3. Sounds fine to me.
  4. Excellent question. I would love to discuss the devils lettuce.
  5. So what does everyone think about the Sig p320 compact vs. the Walter PPQ? Chambered in 9mm. Looking for a carry gun, but not so small I have to grip it with 3 fingers.
  6. I have no problem with discussing gardening.
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  7. Not a fan of Sig, never liked how it fits in my hand. The Walther is a nice looking pistol but I've never held one before. I love my HK P30 9mm.
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  8. 9mm hard to beat the beretta
  9. Big Jim's been drinkin' whiskey
    And playin' poker on a losin' night
    And pretty soon ol' Jim starts a thinkin'
    Somebody been cheatin' and lyin'
    So Big Jim commence to fightin'
    I wouldn't tell you no lie
    Big Jim done pulled his pistol
    Shot his friend right between the eyes

    Mr. Saturday night special
    Got a barrel that's blue and cold
    Ain't good for nothin'
    But put a man six feet in a hole

    *Figure this fits since we taking spirit and pistols.
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  10. Uhm...barmaid pics?
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  11. What's killerfrogs prefer to smoke?

    A. Cigars
    B. Cigarets
    C. Pipe (tobacco)
    D. Pipe (Devil's Lettuce )
    E. Doobie (aka: joint)
  12. A brisket or ribs.
  13. Ribs are also good... I guess option F.
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  14. Cigarettes only, when behind Chipotle.
  15. /thread
  16. I like a good cigar occasionally.
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  17. Some time this week I may put up a virtual music thread. for links to any recent or new online performances by musicians, bands.
    Something different. Give folks a health outlet. And maybe some attention to starving artists, which is all of them right now.

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