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What are Republicans doing these days?


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I get that these are the names that Republicans constantly attack and ridicule, and their political beliefs are in conflict with Republicans.

But are their actions really on the same level of absurdity as Greene, Boebart, Gaetz and Cawthorn?

What specifically have any of these dems done that are Greene, Boebart, Gaetz, Cawthorn level crazy?
Is this a joke? What's your stance on being married to siblings?


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Rep. Ilhan Omar depending on who you ask....
It seems like you included 'depending on who you ask' because not even you believe this.

A quick google search shows she has denied this and shown records on her phone to support her denial.

Seems extremely unlikely to be true, and very likely to be more lies make up by Republicans to smear their opposition. Shameless.

So still no comparison to Greene, Gaetz, Bobaert and Cawthorn has been made yet.


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It is interesting for Republicans to claim to be the party of 'Freedom' and the party of "Law of Order" at the same time. It only makes sense one way.

Republicans: Freedom for me, Law and Order for you.