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WFAA: TCU student sues school over claims of assault, harassment

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. A travesty!
  2. Ha ha....touche.
  3. No, I wear men’s clothes.
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  4. UPDATE - 10/8/2020

    TCU's Motions to Dismiss under FRCP 12 (b) - failure to state a cause of action are still pending.

    Discovery has been "stayed" during this time while the Court considers all the Defendants' Motions to Dismiss.

    Evidently the Plaintiffs are unhappy with TCU's Race and Reconciliation Initiative (RRI program) claiming it is a manner of conducting discovery in violation of the Stay. So Plaintiffs have filed an Emergency Motion for Protective Order.

    TCU's response was that the RRI may be up and running addressing issues that touch on Plaintiffs' claims, but it is in the normal course of running TCU and nothing is being "destroyed".

    Lawyers and parties have never been prohibited from contacting witnesses unless the witness is represented by counsel. Even then the witness can be contacted through their attorney and witness information, statements, and documents may be obtained as attorney work product but must be produced if requested unless privileged as attorney work product (attorney's notes on the interview for example).

    Judge Lynn denied Plaintiffs' emergency motion but cautioned all parties that witness tampering is prohibited under the Federal Rules and found that TCU was not "destroying" evidence.

    More interestingly, Plaintiffs' have filed a Motion for Leave to Proceed Under Pseudonym and for Protective Order.

    Plaintiffs' don't wish to reveal their names publicly citing that their claims present sensitive and personal information including "intimate details".

    TCU's responsive brief points out the Jane Doe 1 chose to include photos of her feet and bed bug bites. Further, that Plaintiffs have broadcasted the names of the individual defendants and held them up to public viewing.

    TCU's brief states that the combined Defendants have "exercised considerable restraint and have tried to respect Plaintiffs' privacy" but that path is no longer "maintainable".

    Jane Doe No. 1 is still a student at TCU while Does 2 and 3 have graduated.

    TCU "remains committed to providing Doe 1 the best possible college experience and supports Doe 1 as she works toward her degree at TCU". TCU goes on to say that as to Doe 1, TCU will try to keep her name anonymous. However Does 2 and 3 should proceed under their real names.

    Personal observation: This may be a case of "Hate Me Now, Love Me Later".

    My bet is 10 to 30 years after graduation, Jane Does 1, 2, and 3 will be using their TCU degrees quite proudly and regretting their lawsuit regardless of the merits. It will not be one of their shining moments as a Hornedfrog.

  5. I've dealt with hundreds of persons who were young (and stupid), that later regretted their actions. Sometimes it's better to just back away and hope the actions won't stick to you.

  6. I think the term “Doe” is insensitive.
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  7. Idiots gonna idiot.
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  8. If I was upset enough to sue my school, I do not think I would stay or want a degree from the school.
  9. “Please stop the race and reconciliation initiative because the narrative of my money grab is that tcu doesn’t care”

    This lawsuit is such a giant waste of everyone’s time/TCU’s money.
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  10. I think what Froglaw is trying to say is that it should have been Jane Doh!
  11. "Duh" seems more appropriate.
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  12. No votes for Jane Dough? Double meaning. Money grab and biscuit poisoning.
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  13. Pillsbury threatened legal action...
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  14. I this PC World... is "doe" considered a pronoun, and are we using it correctly? Frankly I think [ Arschloch] or [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ehead is more gender neutral.

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