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WFAA: TCU reports 25 new COVID-19 cases among students

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. WFAA: TCU reports 25 new COVID-19 cases among students

    Texas Christian University is now reporting 64 cases of coronavirus campus-wide, including 54 students who have tested positive who have had "indirect on-campus impact," according to the university.

    The university confirmed 25 of those 54 cases Wednesday. The university defines "indirect on-campus impact" as a person who has not reported being on the TCU campus "within two days of symptom onset or receiving a positive test."

    Read more at https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/h...wide/287-607d0a9f-e9e9-48c5-a18d-d63d26a7bbcb
  2. Yep! This Covid [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] is over. It’s a joke. Just a way to rob us of our liberty. These kids are probably just faking it for the publicity. All the people who have died have been old sick ass people who were going to die anyway. Probably didn’t even die of Rona. Died of old age, and the government said it was Rona just to rob our liberty and make us look stupid wearing masks and messing up our hair.
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and fok baylor!!
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  3. Sigh. The kids probably didn't know they had it. Most cases are asymptomatic, so it is likely that none of them had so much as a cough.

    Younger persons are the least vulnerable, and will quickly deal with the virus and never be the wiser. We have literally no idea how many have had the disease already and never knew it. Remember: This virus has been extant for five to six months. With an asymptomatic rate of 70%, that could be a huge number of persons who have already had the disease and dealt with it.
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    Sorry for being so out of touch but other than football players, what students are on campus right now? Are summer school classes ongoing? Story mentions a social gathering?
    Edit: or are these people who have tested positive, are not on campus, but happen to be TCU students?
  5. RIP football season....
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  7. Yep. Gotta wear a face diaper. That'll stop it!

    Imbecile politicians...
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  8. Lol at the anti-maskers
  9. So tell us, how does one contract Covid-19?

    Again, Abbott made a speech 2 days ago saying to wear masks, social distance and wash hands regularly. But yea we agree here he is an imbecile.
  10. [​IMG]


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  11. Heard from an agent today - NFL season is looking less and less likely.

    It's only a matter of time before a student athlete dies and then the whole thing will be shut down.

    At Clemson, out of their 27 positive test, only two are symptomatic meaning the asymptomatic spread of this fricker is many times higher than published.
  12. lol at people who are such feeble minded sheep that they worship our government and politicians and believe everything our government leaders say.

    It's all about power and control, not safety
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  13. And this is somehow "bad" news.
  14. Men should not eat soy, can give you [ hundin] Brilesboobs.
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  15. This virus spreading among young people IS A GOOD THING. Especially if they are asymptomatic. Let them get it and build immunities.

    Instead, our mockingbird media has brainwashed this country to believe this virus is and still is a death sentence even among young people. Hence the constant panic and hysteria over OMG NEW CASES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let the scheissing virus spread. Build up immunities. Especially if it has a non existant death rate among younger people.

    You can't destroy a virus by locking down, wearing masks and social distancing. It's going to be around. It's going to continue to be around. Just let the damn thing run its course.

    Is this going to be the new standard for viruses going forward? Every time a new virus hits the scene, we are going to do this all over again?
  16. Team science deniers had their chance in Texas, failed miserably. Now we go to team science.
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  17. Wrong. Tell us more about your medical and science background. Let me guess, it involves lots of time on the inter webs and twitter.
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