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Wes needs help.

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Done....here's to a complete recovery!
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    Thank you so much and I am doing my best to recover.

    No one has beaten glioblastoma yet but there has to be a first time for everything and I am hoping to be the first to beat it.

    Thanks again everyone. I am humbled by all of this
  3. Oh man.

    Thank you. I’m not even sure what else to say. That was mind blowing

    When I say that I am humbled by all of this, I’m not kidding
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  5. Done. Bump.
  6. You people should know that Wes set the goal low. $5k doesn't begin to cover the costs; he was screwed by his employer and has no health insurance...
  7. Done. You gonna lick this man! God be with you.
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  8. Thank you my friend. I'm doing my best to beat it.

    A new round chemo starts tonight. It's not fun but I'll get past it

    Thanks again my friend
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    Good luck. Although I've never met you, I feel as though you're a friend. Steel on the other hand...
  10. Thank you and I get the part about Steel.
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  11. That's not entirely true. I do have Medicare part A and B, which is been great. But it's the items that Medicare has not covered is starting to eat me alive.

    The new open enrollment. For Medicare supplemental's, Starts next month and I will be enrolling at that time. My former employer had promised us insurance and then decided not to do it but when that decision was made, last year, it was after the open enrollment period for supplemental insurance, so I was forced toroll the dice, thinking "what could go wrong?"

    Well in March, I found out.

    It's all good. I'm already paid off some things and started the process of negotiating with my providers for lower costs, which actually I should've done from the get-go, as I am finding they'll all negotiate with you.
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  12. Posting this again to bump Steel's dumb thread off the main page bc Moose was dumb enough to comment again.
  13. what the scheiss is wrong with you?
  14. I want to thank everyone again.

    This is a huge help
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  15. Just get better. That will be thanks enough.
  16. I'm doing my best

    Started a new chemo cycle last night. It had been easy up until an hour ago and then the nausea hit.

    This stuff also gives me insomnia so I had a tough time sleeping last night. Taking a pill tonight so hopefully I'll sleep a few hours.

    Gotta get through this week and then I get 28 days off before the next cycle
  17. Done

    Wes hang in there. Prayers for a full and speedy recovery

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