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Weird JuJu right now...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. Some smoke to some bad news coming...
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  2. Seems like the game may be in jeopardy. But if we have that many guys with the virus, we should be smooth sailing the rest of the season...
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  3. This isn't good.
  4. Not saying you’re wrong to be concerned, but is this all we’re going off?
  5. No. People hinting at it on other sites.
  6. Didn't take long for the tweet to go away.
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  7. What did it say? (removed)
  8. "All that work..."
  9. who posted the tweet?
  10. Ar'Darius Washington
  11. meh, could be anything.
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  12. Like Darius getting cut
  13. Lol. Okay.
  14. So, there's no tweet anymore. Want to give us a rundown?
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  16. maniac already did above.
  17. No, he didn't. But, from the gist of the semi-cryptic words used above, I gather that there is a rumor of a lot of positive tests. Only a rumor, so far...
  18. He literally posted the exact words of the tweet and who tweeted it.
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  19. "All that work" was the tweet?

    Well, gosh! Thanks for explaining that! I'm so glad you're around!
  20. That was the exact tweet.

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