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Week 11 Other Games Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by WhiteHispanicFrog, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. A 5’8 guy just dragged Bama’s whole defense 10 yards. Game over.
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  2. I remember a time when some of our fans made fun of LSU/Bama for playing a 9-6 game. The world has turned.
  3. So CBS believes a one loss Bama which won't even win their division should beat out a one loss Big 12 champ for the CFP. lol
  4. It’s just amazing, flat out amazing how much better LSU’s offense looks with a coaching change.
  5. Welps, I'll hope Wyoming beats Boyzee tonight.
  6. That and 5* receivers that catch and a Heisman QB
  7. Have always liked Orgeron. He’s in the perfect spot for him. Good for him and LSU, even though their fans can be insufferable at times.
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  8. I only watched about half of the LSU vs Bama football game but dang....it’s like they were playing a completely sport than TCU today.
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  9. so what you are saying is that is possible for a historically successful college coach over the age of 60 to make dramatic changes in his program?
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  10. I don’t think GP is over 60 is he?
  11. just trying to set the parameters
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  12. Coach O is the worst
  13. Hurts is a very good runner. passer? Not so much. 3 dropped picks by ISU in the first Q.
  14. Man those throws were bad too. 3 drops. He’s very fortunate our WR coaches moonlight as ISU’s secondary coaches. Amirite?
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  15. How does OU continually get guys so open. LR must be a genius.
  16. One major reason is that they afford their passing game sufficient time to run its routes. Another reason is that their WRs and TEs generally wear out defenders even when they aren't the primary actors in the play. But generally speaking, they are better schemed and disciplined.
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  17. Rocket Ismail’s kid just caught a pass for Wyoming vs Boise. Wasn’t he the kid on our roster last year or the year before?
  18. When they tried to strip the ball on him at the goal line and he dug back in and powered into the end zone, a person watching the game with us turned and said, "geez, he just out bama'd bama".
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  19. Saw him make the catch. Did not know he was on the roster.

    Hoping, woefully I suspect, for Wyoming to win.

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