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Week 1 Other Games Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by More Frogs the Better, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. We used to cal that “Ole!” Blocking. Carrying on the tradition of their matador ancestors
  2. I can’t blame him for his poor play. It has to be distracting trying to QB a game and fully develop into an Atlantic hurricane at the same time.
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  3. Utah Beats BYU for the 9th straight year. Just spoke to a friend who is a BYU grad. Said their entire program is on suicide watch. There is serious talk of them joining Conference USA because the MWC won't take them back. Said they may drop down to FCS because the holy-rollers that run BYU have always hated the football program.
  4. SMU really an underdog to Arky State? Sweet.
  5. They took their arrogance independent and that decision is biting them in the ass...Don’t feel sorry for them. If they would have tried to be a amicable conference mate, Id think differently, They actually have some eye ball and stability things to like about them.
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  6. I watched that entire game. He was TERRIBLE! Is that really the best Chip Kelly and UCLA can put on the field? Yikes.
  7. Isn't that the play where the QB is supposed to throw the football into one of those guy's nuts?
  8. atm's o-line didn't look very good, at least early on. They will drop a few games or more this year.

    A few of the preseason rankings have already looked wishful.
  9. Adam Nunez just boomed a punt for Rice.
  10. scheiss Rice
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  11. 36 yarder?
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  12. 61 yarder to the 6 yard line. Always works that way with transfers right?
  13. Damn, that's the total length of his punts in 2018.
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  14. Rutgers down 14-0 to UMass.

    Texas Tech transfer McLane Carter is the QB for Rutgers.
  15. I bet Rutgers -14.5, if you would have told me 30 minutes ago that they would cover that before the end of the 1st half I would have laughed at you

    I am at Green Valley Ranch right now and this place went nuts when Rutgers went up 10, guessing a lot of people had the first half bet on them
  16. I know its the 1st drive but UNR has provided zero resistance at all to Purdue's offense on Purdue's first drive. Nothing but screen and dump passes to the flats going for big yards
  17. Time to get a look at Purdue's defense
  18. We’ll find out more about Purdue when they play Vandy next week.
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  19. Yeah, Nevada is a shell of their 8-win 2018 squad, it appears.

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