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Week 1 Other Games Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by More Frogs the Better, Aug 29, 2019.

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  2. PAC 12 is 0-2 so far. Maybe Arizona State can pull off the victory over Kent State. I am compelled to root for Utah over BYU.
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  3. Always. Outside of the 12 months between November 2008 and November 2009, never really hated Utah and always root for them. Still can't stand BYU.
  4. Neither offense is very crisp. Once again proving that opening with a pushover has its advantages. It just takes a bit to get your stuff together
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  5. Another strong opening for the Pac12.

    Herbstreit son playing for Clemson...
  6. I’d root for North Korea over BYU.
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  7. I would prefer TCU not to start with a rivalry of this intensity but since I have no stake in the outcome, other than disliking BYU, it's at least an interesting game so I'm fine with them doing it.
  8. Utah loses this one to BYU and Oregon goes down to Auburn, the PAC is going to be on life support right out the gate
  9. Good grief, it doesn't get any easier than that one.
  10. And espn will still [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] on the Big 12.
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  11. Pick 6. Sad football mormons make me smile.
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  12. Florida State Lite is going to get curb stomped next week by Clemson. Throw a bovine beating in their as well and it’s a great day!
  13. SDSU is choking. Bad fumble by the QB. Goofers scored.
  14. They literally gave them the game
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  15. Hard to believe Utah has won 8 (about to be 9) straight over BYU.
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  16. I think a lot of people not associated with BYU saw the ego thing with them going independent not ending well. Seems like that has played itself out the last few years.
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  17. hopefully we will see some better football this saturday as the trend of spotty execution that borders on downright ugly football continued from last week.

    low point so far has to be the play of ucla quarterback dorian thompson-robinson. holy cow if you were pining to see some shawn robinson versus texas tech 2018 level play check out dtr versus cincy.

    thompson-robinson stat line for the night throwing the ball was 8 of 28 for 156 yards, 2 td's, and 2 int's that he basically just threw down the field

    add in two red zone fumbles were he literally just dropped the ball killing two ucla drives and i am still trying to decide whether chip kelly actually has his team practice or if that is too mainstream for a football visionary like him.
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  18. That is the benefit of recruiting when you are in a bigger conference. See TCU vs SMU. Our recruits are so much better than they were 15 years ago.

  19. Poor Chip

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