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Wear Your Mask

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by froglash88, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. Never mind. At baseball practice and it is hard to see everything on my phone.

    I see you quoted my next.
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  2. By then the narrative will have shifted toward "protecting those who are suffering from long term health damage from having survived COVID" and "3rd wave".

    This thing isn't going to end until after the election.
  3. Yeah when I had surgery last year I told everyone in the operating room to take off their masks because they just don't work....
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  4. you are comparing the type of masks and method of wearing the masks in an operating room with the types of methods of the average person on the street right now?
  5. Is that what I am doing?
  6. did you note the question mark
  7. Its my right! They dont work! Its just a flu! I cant breath! You stay home! Good thing is you anti maskers will be punished bu having football taken away for your non-compliance. No wonder they say the IQ for non-maskers is significantly lower
  8. you are a far bigger punishment and rapidly approaching lvh, tyler, asleep, status
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  9. Completely an agenda driven post which shows low reading comprehension which is likely a sign of the low IQ condition you speak of. Everyone in this thread says they are wearing masks anywhere they are required to do so whether they believe or not they work as some suggest.
  10. Sad that we have people in here that dont the difference between a fart and a virus particle. Makes sense though.
  11. Sad that we have people in here that don’t know the difference in a Fart and a Shart

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  12. The size of some gaseous contaminants are similar in size to some viruses. If a mask doesn't protect against the size of the gas causing the smell it isn't protecting against similar sized virus. I'm not saying Methane is the same size as COVID, but it isn't a scientifically unsound analogy. In fact, a better test would be if you can smell cigarette or cigar smoke through your mask (I'll bet you can) as those particles are larger than COVID.
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  13. the virus doesn’t give two [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]s about your election
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  14. Interesting what science he would be using as the basis for that. I saw an interview with Coach O yesterday where he said that LSU had had a problem with their athletes returning to campus with Covid and some more who got exposed in social settings but that they spent some time educating the players and had not had one single case emerge out of their workout program or team activities. Zero.
  15. the interview had to be close captioned right?
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  16. He was in low key mode so it was a little easier to make out what he was saying. I would admire the skills of anyone who could keep up with cc’ing him in real time when he gets going, if such a person exists.
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  17. How dare you answer my question with substance and with no sarcasm or insult.

    Personally, I don't think it makes a significant difference at the end of the day but as you can see from my new photo I'm all in.
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  18. Steel defined.
  19. Reagan said they were mentally retarded.

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