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Wear white?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Frog-in-law1995, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. My ticket says to wear white. Is SMU the white out game or are we attempting an alternating section thing?
  2. White out and after Labor day. Canyoubelieveit?
  3. Yes. White-Out. Game sponsored by Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste (and so much more I could say but will self-censor this one time only)

    From TCU website --

    Come experience firsthand the excitement and tradition of TCU Horned Frog Football. Football tickets can be purchased in the summer of 2017 from TCU Athletics or at any time (subject to availability) through Stub Hub – TCU’s official secondary ticket marketplace. For more information about football tickets, please call TCU Athletics at 817-257-FROG.

    The TCU vs. SMU game is a WHITE OUT. Therefore, fans are strongly encourage to wear a white shirt or other white apparel to the game. White TCU shirts can be purchased directly from Family Weekend by clicking on the Apparel link above.
  4. Good thing it'll be warm. I heard there are no white jackets.
  5. Mid to upper 90's Saturday, wearing white would be the smart thing to do.
  6. Here comes all the "you won't tell me what to wear" crowd moaning and groaning.

    Support your team!! Wear white!
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  7. Wonder if anyone is going to wear purple anyways?
  8. Since it's a white out I'm sure the team will wear purple.
  9. You won't tell me what to wear.
  10. Yes, white for SMU. Color blocking is out this year. BU is a black out game...shoulda been UT or WVU but whatever. The only scheduled guaranteed color fail is the KU game: West side white, east side purple
  11. All sold out along with the black ones
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  12. At least the color blocking is a bit simpler this year. None of that striped shenanigans that never worked.
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  13. Doesn't get much whiter than a white out game between frogs and ponies.
  14. I wear the same shirt each week until we lose a game. I will be the one in purple this week.
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  15. but you do wash it inbetween right?
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