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We were playing Monopoly tonight...

Discussion in 'Killer Frogs Support Forum' started by WhatTheFrog, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. and I bought Park Place AND Boardwalk! I put hotels on both and raked in the cash! I bought club seats and donated to the Frog Club with my proceeds. I got +4 seats on the west side as well. I won't fill those because I don't have to.

    Love me, jackwagons!

    I'm posting on the sports related forum because I think it relates. It doesn't matter if it does or not.

    Moderators, do you see the BS going on here?

    I'm just looking for equal treatment. Do I have to pay in order to receive equal treatment? I'll post this garbage in the Scott Nix forum if I need to. I'm sick of the distreatment that is going on in forums.

    Ban me if you need to, but I THINK that I contribute some things at times. Look at my number of likes, if you must.
  2. I’ve been out, and it’s a bit early for board game analogies, do you mind catching me up as to what is going on so I can help?

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