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We landed BB Transfer Maxwell Evans

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xavier, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Looks like a good pickup. Can shoot, handle, big physical guy. Lefty.
  2. Put up 31 on LSU last year.

  3. So he shares the floor with Mike Miles as another shooting guard? Still need a point. That's likely three guys right there around 6' tall.
  4. Well, he's a stocky 6' at least. But, the question remains: Can he play the position we so desperately need him to? The highlight linked above was nice and all, but he isn't playing point or really handling the ball very much. Perhaps he does indeed possess those skills.

    We shall see.
  5. I'll take it
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  6. Miles can play point just fine, the traditional PG doesn’t really exist anymore. You have to be able to score and can’t just facilitate.
    Or at least we don’t have the luxury of worrying whether or not we have that kind of PG, let’s just get 5 good players on the court and win some games.
  7. Well, I disagree. I believe you need a true point. And if Miles can play point, then why didn't he this season?
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  8. He looks like an excellent pick up! 5th year player who looks strong and can score and has started over 50 games in the last two years in the SEC. No doubt there will be more players to come but this is a good start.
  9. I hope that he works out. Doesn’t excite me but he should have a significant role.
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  10. career high 45% from the floor this year and a touch over 40% for his career, 33% from the arc, career 65% from the line, 135 career assists to 112 turnovers.

    looks more like he has been a 2 than a 1 and had a season high of 29 against south carolina last year. 4th leading scorer for vandy last year at 8.5 points a game
  11. His 3 point percentage went from 31 to 33 to 35 the last three years. If he can get above 38% he can be a very useful player. His PPG has gone up steadily over his career.
  12. was just over 8 ppg the past two seasons and the 4th leading scorer for vandy.

    i guess my question is what does he bring to the table other than game experience you aren't going to get from todd and with the frogs looking at another guard possibly where do farabello and fuller fit on this roster?
  13. He’s better player than Pearson, Easley so it’s an upgrade there. Our offensive efficiency was considerably higher in the nine games Farabello played and I think his impact is underrated (he just needs to be healthy). I have no idea what to make of Fuller. He was highly recruited, looks talented but has yet to do much basketball wise.
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  14. since pearson and easley played different positions i don't see evans as upgrade over either of them as the frogs still have a hole at the 4 that neither pearson or easley filled last year

    evans would seem to fill the hole left by rj and his numbers are similar in regards to shooting percentages assist/ turnover ratio. who is the better player? no idea nor do i have a clue if he is significantly better than todd

    the concern for me in mentioning toddy, fuller, and farabello is all three will be 3 years into the program and if they aren't ready to compete for a starting role or significant minutes something is really wrong in player development.
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  15. Can he defend the perimeter? Until we find that guy I’m not sure how many more games we are capable of winning
  16. 53% from the line, ‘nuf said
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  17. Perfect fit.
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  18. So his transfer here will raise the FT% at both schools.

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