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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Sebastian S, Sep 14, 2018.

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    Damn I was ready to watch a pump up video too
    Edit. Now it’s up
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  2. Somehow the link from twitter won't carry over the video.

    Had to find the link to youtube.

    Great video, I myself just watched it on high volume. Chills.
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  3. That’s good boat right there.
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  4. Why is he yelling “John snow”?
  5. An ole miss style beat down is coming
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  6. Daaaaaaamnnnn!
  7. Like this one! I’m hyped so it worked
  8. That big pedal in the middle is the brakes. Tap them.
  9. You drive a standard?
  10. Probably a ‘92 Honda CRX.
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  11. Hey, our team’s goalie in high school got a lot of chicas while driving that car, just saying...
  12. Was that in 92?
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  13. I see your point...
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  14. Last I checked all brake pedals are in the middle.
  15. Kudos to whoever did the "video magic" to have it as this year's team entering the Death Star in that last shot.

    Any Frog Fan that watches this and doesn't instantly feel their inner Purple Juggernaut stir.... has a problem.

  16. More like a miata

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