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We better not get screwed out of the Texas Bowl

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. And we beat them
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  2. The Cheez-It Bowl is probably viewed as the better game, but it still sucks. I think the SEC had a lot to do with this placement. They do everything they can to protect their teams in bowl games. They needed a team Vandy could beat. That wasn't an easy task, but there is a school bad enough to live up to that challenge.
  3. Can’t believe this thread hit 50 pages. Can’t believe I read all 50 pages.
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  4. Timbits?
  5. We have to stop with the conspiracy theories. CGP lobbying for a bowl that tickets won't sell and fans won't travel. The SEC dictated Vandy should play Baylor because a 6-6 TCU team that lost to Kansas is to intimidating. The truth sucks but it's the truth TCU was picked last and got the Cheez It Bowl. At 6-6 no excuses needed as TCU is lucky to be bowling at all.
  6. Urban dictionary says it is where Icky Twerp lived.
  7. I spent a week in Phoenix a few months ago. For a large city, it had way too much blah and ugly. Don’t get me wrong - lots of cities have some blah and ugly - but Phoenix was king.

    I feel bad for the Frogs.
  8. You have a right to like Houston, Stillwater, Norman. Just saying that most people wouldn't put them in their top 100. Fine towns. Good beer. But they are sort of one-and-done locations. Scottsdale has a bunch of luxury vacation resorts for a reason. It's no Hawaii, but it ranks higher than Houston or Waco.
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  9. The weather is really nice for most of the year, that's it's calling card, and that's why those resorts are there (hardly any, if any, are actually in Phoenix by the way). Other than that there is nothing special about that city at all. It's basically a giant suburb.
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  10. The men’s room at a highway truck stop ranks higher than Waco.
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    If the conspiracy is true that Gary hand selected this opponent to increase the chances of not having his 3rd or 4th losing season then I can see why. Poor Cal, they have one of the worst offenses in the country. They are playing a freshman quarterback that has around a 51% completion percentage the last couple of games for around 150 yards a game and a QBR of around 32. He's also their second or leading rusher a game getting around 65 yards average the last couple of games. On paper, we should destroy this team, but irony might be at play if we did dodge an SEC team in Houston and karma comes back to get us. If we lose to this Cal team, I think that loss would surpass the 36 point loss that was served up cold in Morgantown this past November.
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  12. Are you aware that you typed all this and hit “post reply”?
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  13. I predate channels 13 and 39....And the other four all signed off at midnight, and channel 11 didn't start broadcasting until around 9 or 10 a.m.....Yep, TV was electric then, LOL....
  14. To me, that says that they think BU fans will travel to a bowl game (any bowl game) because this season was a step in the right direction for them. Contrast that to TCU's fans, who in large part feel this season was a bust and feel any bowl we could get as a disappointment, and thus would not travel well.

    I can easily see the logic to that thought process
  15. mentioned it before on another thread, but the ceo of the texas bowl claimed prior to the announcement of the teams that over 50,000 tickets had been sold.

    could he be lying? yes, but if the capacity is just over 72,000 and you have over 50,000 sold you don't need the schools to do much more than their allotment
  16. No way. I read on here that once the CFP was set, ESPN contacted Gary Patterson to see who and where he wanted to play. Once that was set, they proceeded to set the other 30+ bowls.
  17. Because we didn’t piss down our leg in our bowl game. Congrats on the big win in the Russell Athletic Bowl. Remember when you had a chance to validate your program back to back years in the Fiesta bowl and the Cotton Bowl? So do we!
  18. You forgot about Baylor's classic signature OOC victory in Buffalo!
  19. The bottom line in these bowl selections is that our team wanted to go to Phoenix this year and not Memphis or Houston.
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  20. As jugband can undoubtedly attest.

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