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Way Too Early Top 25

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. That pattern of bouncing back was shredded this season....Not saying it won't happen but it's not as predictable as in the ages of yore....
  2. True, but technically 2018 wasn't a losing season. Finished 6-6, won the bowl game to get to 7-6, and, well, we all know what happened this year. By contrast, we finished 6-6 and then lost the bowl game in 2016, finishing below 500. The 10-win rebound promptly followed in 2017. Am I grasping onto straws? Totally. Is the rebound season as guaranteed as it was in years past? Perhaps not, but it's a long offseason. Gotta keep up hope somehow.
  3. I'd add Texas and KSU to that list.
  4. Aggie, Auburn and LSU ranked too high.
    Clemson had freshmen, sophmores for about 80 of their 120 roster this year. They rotated quite a bit more on D line and Oline. Don't know if all those guys will declare, but they have been loading up. So can see them in the top 5. With the change on staff it will be interesting to see. Ohio State ranking seems reasonable. Same with Ducks. Will be interesting to see what UNC does. That qb is the real deal.
  5. Wacky list...I doubt we are ranked by very many going into the year. OU, OSU, UT, and ISU will all be ranked a head of us.

    With the return of Wallace and Chuba, OSU will be the favorite to reach the title game against OU. I believe they have every starter returning at the skill spots and 3 of 5 on the OL.
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  6. you forgot they return 10 of the 11 starters on the defense that played in the bowl game
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  7. Texas finished this season ranked for the 2nd straight year. Texas is back!

  8. how the hell is michigan rank with the three beatings they had and boise gets smoked by a 7-5 udub team by 31 and they stay ranked?
  9. Just being reality based. Too many issues on offense and I don't expect Cumbie to suddenly get it.
  10. They were left out of the fridge overnight...
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  11. A&M has a really favorable schedule for 2020.

    They replace Georgia with Vanderbilt and Clemson with Colorado.

    They should fall into 9-10 wins easy.
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  12. Which will be great when they somehow finish 8-4
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  13. What teams below them should be ranked higher and why? When these polls come out everyone brings up the teams that are overrated, but for every overrated team there has to be an underrated one. Nobody seems to mention those unless they are your team.

    I bet if you look at the teams below Michigan and Boise you’ll see teams that never really beat anyone good or had a really bad loss of two themselves.

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