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Way too early 2019 Top 25 (football list)

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. It’s interesting how much credit or lack of credit a program gets if they have a decent returning QB or not. With a decent QB, with our 15–16 starters we’d be looked as a top 12-15 team. Instead, without a QB we are likely being picked 7-8 in the Big12 next year. That’s drastic difference in public perception
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  2. Go back and look at this years preseason rankings to gauge credibility.
  3. Just like every year most publications and CFB types are going to credit us as having 10-12 returning starters when most of us fans will know is 15-16..For instance we’ll have 6-7 starters on Def next year that will have 4 + starts due to GPs large rotations and injuries. Could be as high as 9-10 on offense considering outside of Reagor every WR is simply interchangeable...Thats a boat load of meaningful experience returning and should translate to a minimum of 9 wins if we get even competent QB play
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    Over negativity on our QB situation. With improved pass protection and run blocking, which Thomsen should be able to improve our returning OL, we could have a really solid team... once we find Anderson a desk job and bring in a real WR teaching coach. Though not deep enough at QB.
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  5. I like when sports writers underrate us and we fall off of everybody's radar screen. Makes the opposition overconfident and sets up an opportunity to deliver our own version of "shock 'n awe."
  6. ESPNs list could have been written in 1972.

    USA Today's list is from The Man In The Hign Castle Universe.

    All that is missing is the Texas Agricultural Nazi University at College Station being ranked at No. 1.
  7. black swan effect
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  8. I’d bet a ton of money we aren’t picked 8th in the Big 12.
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  9. And even more that we don't finish 8th or worse in the Big12
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  10. There will be no consensus but Im certain we’ll get picked in the back half next year by most publications. I in no way think we finish in the bottom half. We have far to much talent and experience returning for that.

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