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Way OT - Favorite Headphones for Extended Air Travel

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by mc1502, May 28, 2019.

  1. Or the alternative to wearing them would be unbearable. See my first post in this thread.

    EDIT — I always liked my over-the-ear Bose noise cancelling headphones (and would probably still prefer them over the buds) but they were just too big to deal with so went with convenient carry.
  2. Was there supposed to be a pic?
  3. While a large headphone is more difficult to travel with, I have to fly to Australia, India, China and the Philippines on a regular basis, and those are very long flights (34 hrs with the shortest layover is typical), so I place a very high premium on comfort.
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  4. They've been comfortable. Thus far, the longest I've worn them is on a 4-hour flight. I'll get to try them out for longer periods during summer travel (although nowhere near the number of hours you mentioned above!).

    My wife got me these at Christmas, and told me she read quite a few reviews before deciding. She also considered the Bose QC35s.
  5. I recommend American first or business class - where they provide them for you

    Otherwise go Q35 - the charge will last to CDG and back and the over the ear is quieter- especially during the summer travel season for brat packs

    Children should not be allowed in the front - now get off my lawn
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Makes me more and more glad that my company did not take me up on my offer to go ex-pat.
  8. The 'power' on QC35 is directly related to the noise cancelling. I have a pair and love them, and would definitely recommend spending the money on some good ones like that if you're going to be traveling frequently.

    The wire will work for the headphones without battery like any other headphone you can plug into the jack, and you can choose to turn on or off noise cancellation. Battery life of mine is I think 20 hours wireless, 40 wired, and most of the planes nowadays have usb ports where you can plug in the headphones for half an hour and get a good charge for the remainder of a long flight.
  9. I suppose that’s an acceptable answer if one wants to debase themselves by flying commercial. Most of my private jets have theaters with Dolby 7 surround. No need for headphones. I recommend everyone just get their own jet.
  10. Flying commercial? You mean the staff, right?
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  11. Bose Bose Bose. I’ve got the QC25 model (older around the ear model that uses a AA battery instead of the integral recharging ones in the QC35) and bought a Bluetooth adapter than let’s me pull the cord.

    I borrowed a buddies QC35s one flight and they are even better. Mostly CONUS flights but about a dozen to Heathrow and still loved them.
    Won’t fly without them at this point.
  12. I guess I needed to put "OT" at the beginning of my thread about audiophiles and church mixing for it not to get sent to purgatory.
  13. Love that movie and that scene especially

    But Aretha is the best part
  14. Good subject and not against the rules of the forum. Moderators, don't let yourselves be bullied.
  15. This.
  16. +4
  17. I checked them out at BB last night. They are very comfortable, and have very balanced sound. I contrasted them to the Bose QC35. The QC was a little more comfortable, but the Sony's sound was more balanced.

  18. Tons of good reviews and only $60

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