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Way OT - Favorite Headphones for Extended Air Travel

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by mc1502, May 28, 2019.

  1. Just curious if any of you frequent fliers have a favorite brand/model of wired headphone. I had been using a lower end model of Sennheiser (an over the ear model) that recently met its untimely demise. I think I'm mainly interested in over the ear models, as I spend a lot of time in the air and value comfort over just about anything else (even sound quality to some extent). I'm not completely out on non-over the ear models, it just seems that those tend to be the most comfortable to me.
  2. I prefer to listen to the melody of screaming babies on long flights. No headphones required.
  3. Love my Bose QC35. They are wireless, but come with a wire if you need it. Great sound quality and noise cancellation.
  4. Been there. Don't want to go back. I was going to ask people to give me their favorite noise canceling model, but thought that would be too limiting.
  5. Been using Bose noise cancelling earbuds for several years. Works for me. Have no idea on the model but strongly suspect they're several models down the road by now.
  6. Was looking at those. What's the difference in the QC35 and the QC25?
  7. I can verify that the Bose headphones are outstanding. Bought mine years ago at Best Buy. Grandkids have Beats and they suck compared to the Bose.
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  8. Are they comfortable enough to ware for extended periods of time? I fly from DFW to APAC frequently so I will be using whatever I buy for extended periods of time.
  9. No highs? No lows? Gotta be Bose.
  10. Going to take this further sideways - I really wish airlines would offer a "child friendly" flight once a day on the more popular routes. Also, as someone who recently didn't have kids, they should offer a "no child" flight. I'd pay $100-$200 extra per roundtrip to be on a plane where things are a little more child friendly. Kind of like movie theaters and family friendly showtimes.
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  11. I'd have no problem allowing my company to foot that bill. Can't recall the last time I flew on my own dime.
  12. Longest I've flown with them was to London, Dublin, and Paris. I had no issues
  13. If you get wireless make sure the battery life is enough for long flights. My brother has some nice ones and said the battery lasts only a couple hours.
  14. About 10 QC's
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  15. Received these at Christmas... highly recommend.

  16. If using the wire, are they powered through the wire, or do they still have to be charged to work? I need a headphone that can work completely off of the plane's headphone jack if possible
  17. Move to Killingsworth Court.

    You damn right I'm going to police this forum for non-sports related posts!

    He's not listening to TCU sports with those things.
  18. We use Bose noise canceling on ear units. They are old so they still have a cord. I’m kinda waiting for mine to die to go cordless but they may Las forever.
  19. If you didn't have issues in those flights they must be very comfortable

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