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Watching Cowboy game....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ShadowFrog, Nov 26, 2020.

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    ...did Salvation Army flag detail mount the Texas flag upside down??

    I’ve run it back on DVR twice, still looks wrong right behind trumpet player.

    edit: wife, daughter & longtime TCU alum agree—Texas flag is mounted WRONG.
    On national TV!!
  2. Well that fake punt was a genius call...probably called by the flag hanger.
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  3. You’d think someone from Arkansas might run that place.
  4. Time for fatazz McCarthy and crew to pack up and leave the Valley Ranch windows open to let the stink out.
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  5. I don’t know, it’s like watching UT sink. Hope he gets an extension. Now if the only Covid would die along with the Yankees, Notre Dame, and OU, what a wonderful world it could be!
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  6. FIXED
  7. Since Horned Frog football is redefining the meaning of "lost as a short duck in tall grass" my only remaining football hope in 2020 was to split two games with the hated Deadskins.
  8. That fake punt. What were they thinking?
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  9. That was an absolute terrible call so I’m not justifying it. Inexcusable.

    But watching the replay, I think he was supposed throw that on the reverse. There was a receiver WIDE open downfield.
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  10. Just when I thought my list of things to be thankful for was complete, the Dallas Cowboys give me one more reason to be grateful. Thank you Jerry! You are truly a blessing to those who delight in Cowboy futility!
  11. Boys red zone offense looks like ours at times.
  12. Why would they go back and open the windows in a facility they no longer use???
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    Eerie similarities between TCU and the Cowboys this year. Neither have offensive or defensive lines that can play worth a dayum and both suck accordingly.
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  14. Connor Williams is proving how overrated he was at Texas. Hope Jerry lives for another 50 years. I would have loved to watched that game with Jason Garrett especially the fake punt.

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