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War in Ukraine Thread


The Man Behind The Curtain
I think a full review of the Pentagon's accounting system is in order and an immediate freeze should be placed on weapons transfers until it is completed.


Colonel, USAF (Retired)
Joe Biden sold our country out to Ukraine for a few million bucks given to his crackhead son

"In any given year, the Air Force may ask Congress for authority to reprogram funds for various reasons when there is a shortfall in one area. But this year, according to one source, the request hasn’t been approved due to a political fight spat between the Colorado and Alabama congressional delegations over the administration’s delay in deciding where U.S. Space Command headquarters will be located."
The view in this article is basically John Mearsheimer’s view - the West provoked Russia first by announcing in 2008 that Ukraine would join NATO and the West would establish a bulwark on Russia’s western border; and secondly, by aiding the overthrow of Ukraine’s pro-Russia president (Yanukovych) in 2014. Both were viewed as hostile acts by Russia and it immediately seized Crimea and invaded in the Donbas in 2014. I think Putin is a thug but he sought assurances from Biden that we would not seek NATO membership for Ukraine and Biden refused. Ukraine is just getting ground to dust and I agree with Mearsheimer that this could have been avoided. By the way, Mearsheimer was also vocally against the war in Vietnam, and the forever wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bill Burns, now head of the CIA, but then the ambassador to Russia, argued in a memo to Condoleeza Rice who was then Secretary of State, that Ukraine in NATO was “the brightest of red lines for Russia” and that it would be a grave mistake for us to pursue it. The Bucharest NATO summit in April 2008 also announced that Georgia would soon join NATO (in addition to Ukraine). As we know, Russia invaded Georgia in August 2008.


Dimitry Utkin, one of the Wagner Group founders supposedly also on the downed jet. One of the original fun bunch.

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