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War in Ukraine Thread


Zelensky's a little bugger, isn't he? I mean, Manchin is 6'3", but he can't be taller than 5'6".

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I don’t think uncle Joe can tell Zelenskyy what he can do with non US weapons. Especially since several Ukrainian drones have hit near Moscow already. I’m not sure Rootin Tootin Putin would want to hit NATO territory, especially with the stellar showing of his military against the Ukes so far…


The Man Behind The Curtain
Russia has been raping and murdering Ukrainian civilians for over a year

But attacking the Kremlin with a drone is escalation?

Give me a break

IMO, political leaders should always be the first target in war

Any explanation as to why the drone was flying so low and in the perfect frame for that camera to capture the moment it was shot down?