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Volleyball: Spring Mini-Season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. Found this tweet with a quality first response
  2. Well at least a mini season will keep the losses to a minimum.
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    Tarleton and the Frogs tied at 1 set a piece. Tarleton. Tarleton takes the third set at 20. Tarleton. Lest we think of them as some type of lower division juggernaut, they were 6-7 in the fall 3-5 in the WAC. First time ever hosting a Power 5 program in Stephenville. I’ll check on the final score later but this is already sufficiently embarrassing.
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  4. Lost the 4th at 20 as well and the Frogs croak in Stephenville (3-1). Gotta grow em up. Learn to hunt together. Win by 1....oh...maybe that’s the problem. There’s exactly zero reason this team should drop a set let alone a match to Tarleton.
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  5. Weird season for sure. But maybe time for a reboot? I defer to Pharm on these matters. I’m just a Schlub in Austin who keeps up with most TCU Sports from a distance. Never seen or watched a game. Know we had some talent a few years ago (Dilfer, McCall, et al).
  6. Change needed here? Look at the last 4 seasons.
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  7. There’s more than sufficient talent on THIS team to slaughter a team like Tarleton. But didn’t. They meet again in March so maybe it’ll happen then. The program is broken and I’m very doubtful that we have the staff to put it back together.
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  8. thats equality right there
  9. Didn't Dilfer transfer after one year?

    We're a sand volleyball school anyway. They have the best unis on campus.
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  10. Don’t know what’s worse...losing to Tarleton in four sets and getting thoroughly whipped at the net or the apparent apathy around the program. No quotes from coach in the GoFrogs write up. And no genuine interest in getting any remaining fans more involved. Check this out. I guess you have to inquire about tickets to find out what day they play at 1pm.

    UP NEXT:
    The Horned Frogs return to Fort Worth for their spring season home opener against Texas State. First serve is set for 1 p.m. inside Schollmaier Arena. Click here for tickets.

    FWIW: It’s Saturday and Texas State is much more experienced and talented than Tarleton but they just got thumped by UNT in Denton so there’s that.
  11. In case you are following but I expect that you aren’t (and I can’t blame you)....the Frogs got slaughtered by Texas State today 3-0 (14, 22, 19). Moose predicted that the mini-season would keep the losses to a minimum. It may turn out to be the maximum number of losses possible.

    Frogs are 1-11 and next up is a home and home with UTA.
  12. so how did things gets so bad so fast with volleyball and no one say the frogs are playing more freshmen than any other program in the country, the covid etc...
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  13. No surprise here....except that the Frogs actually took a set. Runs the season record to 1–13.

  14. Seems like an innovative approach when your team is 1-13

  15. The innovative approach to the lineup failed

  16. Maybe they need to go back to the Rickel. And get a new coach.
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  17. A buddy's neice plays for Tarlton. She said either TCU did not prepare 2 seconds for the game or didn't even want to be there.
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  18. Frogs looking to avenge a loss to Texas State currently in progress. Tied at 1 game a piece and tight in the 3rd

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