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Vanderbilt whistler

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Frog92, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Needs to die. Once you hear it and know, you can’t I hear him. Bullet straight to my brain stem.
  2. Should say un-hear
  3. scheiss vanderbilt.
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  4. He actually got shut down in the opening round I believe. Apparently his lawyer buddy told him to keep it up, and if they kick him out they’ll sue.
  5. People sitting around him were complaining. Apparently him and the officials at TD Ameritrade came to a compromise where he would only whistle whenever Vandy did something good or at least that's the story that I read on espn.
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  6. Jon Bonnell is the biggest (and one of the nicest) Vandy fan in FW and he hates the guy
  7. I can’t believe that his face has not been smashed multiple times. I had to turn the game off because of him. He’s a human infection.
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  8. Aaaaand of course that assclown has a lawyer. I can’t stand being in the same stadium with that guy. If I was a Vandy fan I would tell the admin I’m done buying season tickets until he’s gone or stops. And for those of you that have never seen him.... he looks exactly like you would expect him to. scheiss that scheissing guy.
  9. I only flipped the channel over a couple of times and, sure enough, there he was. Soccer sure was more fun last night...
  10. Wonder if he’ll get a ring
  11. Around his neck?
  12. Darn these guys.

  13. They had to have gone to Vandy or Tennessee’s equivalent of Blinn.
  14. Oh my that g—— on the right!
  15. Handsome couple
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  16. My understanding is neither went to Vandy
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  17. Figures.
  18. Guy on the right has bigger moobs than Art Briles.

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